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Ominous Fascist Threats in Los Angeles


We received this October 27 press release from RefuseFascism.org:

27 October 2019 for immediate release
Contact: 917 407 1286

The #OUTNOW movement, initiated by RefuseFascism.org and aiming to drive out the "Trump-Pence regime," launched nationwide in over a dozen cities this past weekend. The movement was announced last weekend with protests in New York City and Los Angeles, with the New York rally addressed by Cornel West and RefuseFascism national spokesperson Andy Zee, who called for five weeks of protest to launch the kind of movement that is taking place in countries around the world from Hong Kong to Chile. The Los Angeles protest went forward last week and rallied again this week in the face of a serious attack by over a dozen fascist thugs armed with flagpoles and potentially lethal bear mace sprayed directly in the face of leaders of RefuseFascism.

This weekend, hundreds marched nationwide to answer the #OUTNOW! call with over 100 in New York, 80 in LA, and scores elsewhere. People spoke and marched with a fierce determination to break with passivity in the face of fascism, to refuse to be lulled by talk of normal procedures and pendulum swings, and to drive this regime out now.

In Los Angeles the fascist thugs returned and delivered a chilling message. #OUTNOW! arrived at the site of the rally to find 40 images of the Iraq War veteran and member of the LA Revolution Club and RefuseFascism, Bo Login, ominously stapled to trees—evocative and symbolic of lynching. This brought home that what is happening and must be stopped is a fascist movement in America: in the White House, the Republican Party, in large sections of the judiciary and with a fanatical virulent thuggish movement unleashing  violence against the people. In some cities people immediately took up the chant "We Stand With Bo! The Trump/Pence Regime MustGo."

The #OUTNOW! movement and protests, while nascent and relatively small in size, were notable for the diversity of backgrounds and political viewpoints of the people who spoke with passion and substance on the vicious criminal and fascist character of the regime, and the need to drive it out, NOW. Many met afterward to wrestle with how to build this movement into the thousands in the next weeks, aiming to take off to millions—as characterized by the chant: "Puerto Rico, Hong Kong show us how, Trump and Pence Out Now!"

Andy Zee, national spokesperson of RefuseFascism.org, said, "We are taking history into our hands in the name of humanity, and only the power of the people in sustained massive protest can remove this fascist regime. Every attack on those like Bo who stand up against this regime must be met with our heartfelt support and our determination to make this politically backfire on the fascist thugs who would do this, and the Trump/Pence fascist regime that inspires and commands this movement."

Interviews are available with Zee, RefuseFascism co-initiator Cornel West, co-initiator Sunsara Taylor, and Iraq War veteran and now revolutionary minded Bo Login.



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