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White Supremacist Ann Coulter Comes to Cal Campaigning for Ethnic Cleansing in Service of a Fascist Regime In Power

Protest! Meet at Sather Gate at 7pm Wed. 11/20



Ann Coulter is coming to UC Berkeley Wednesday. Everyone with a pulse and a conscience—all who know 5,400 migrant children separated from their parents by the Trump/Pence regime is a crime against basic morality which can NOT be accepted or normalized—should be there to protest her appearance.

Ann Coulter is not some right-wing nutjob best dealt with by ignoring her. She is part of a fascist movement pushing Trump to "keep his promises"; she is closely aligned with Stephen Miller—the member of Trump's White House who has most shaped immigration policy. She is a fervent advocate for "great replacement theories" (google it) that see the changes in demographics driven by immigration as leading to "white genocide." When Trump characterizes immigrants traveling to the U.S.-Mexican border to apply for asylum (which is their legal and human right) as an "invasion," he is using the language of people who want a white ethnostate.

And as Hitler did to the Jews, he is changing the laws step by step—AP reports "69,550 migrant children held in U.S. government custody over the past year, enough infants, toddlers, kids and teens to overflow the typical NFL stadium." And Mexican government figures admit to 32,000 more migrant minors imprisoned in Mexico at the behest of the U.S. in the first half of 2019. This assault on immigrants is a crime against humanity—and it is the linchpin and battering ram of a broader fascist agenda. The role of Coulter (and Miller) is to urge Trump on, further and faster towards ethnic cleansing.

Coulter comes to Cal as part of parade of fascist speakers hitting the campuses this fall. They are building up a fascist youth movement that the campus community should confront. History and the current global rise of fascism demonstrate that if you care about civil liberties, the rule of law, critical thinking, evidence-based knowledge, science, evolution, the equality of men and women, and the repudiation and eradication of white supremacy—then you ignore figures like Coulter at great peril.

Coulter's visit to UC is being ushered in and normalized by the school administration (and by the Daily Cal with its coverage that covers over and hides the reality that Coulter is a polemicist for ethnic cleansing.) If her visit is not met by outcry and opposition—if a place like UC Berkeley cannot muster a repudiation of this fervent fascist hatchet woman—this IS normalizing fascism, and it paves the way for even more vicious acts.

Students must take a side! Ann Coulter (and Stephen Miller) are NAZIs. They ARE shaping the immigration policy of the country that is most responsible for destroying the lives of the people and driving them to migrate in the first place. And Trump throws gasoline on the fire by accelerating climate change, which is already hitting Central America hard and is driving people north. One of the most vicious architects of all that is coming to your campus. If you don't raise your voice in opposition, if you don't repudiate this in mass protest, you are saying "fine by me."

Quotes from Coulter:

"Without the white settlers, what is known as 'America' would still be an unnamed continent full of migratory tribes chasing the rear end of a buffalo every time their stomachs growled." —from Adios, America

And she spews hatred for those who are the TARGETS of the Trump/Pence regime today, as it separates families, builds concentration camps and as children die at the border:

"Despite a hegemonic propaganda campaign about all cultures being equal, they aren't.... People notice when their little girls are raped and killed by Mexicans, their Arab shopkeepers commit honor killings, their Hmong neighbors are pimping out little girls and clubbing German shepherd puppies to death, their Indian landlord is importing concubines, and their Chinese acquaintances are murdering their wives out of 'humiliation.'" —from Adios, America

"God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, 'Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It's yours.'" —Hannity and Colmes, 2001

This is a time to cast aside denial and fear, to step outside your comfort zones and to stand up.

Join with Refuse Fascism and with students and others who are refusing to let this go down.

Trump/Pence Must Go! Out Now!

The great challenge in this country is whether people will rise up and get rid of this regime in the only way we can: through sustained, mass, nonviolent protest, not stopping until our single unifying demand is met: Trump/Pence #OutNow! The people of Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Chile are showing us how.

Refuse Fascism has called for mass meetings Sunday, in major cities across the country, to plan the next steps in #OutNow! Go HERE for full Call for these meetings. Go HERE for times and places of the meetings.

Don't be a Spectator -- Fight for Humanity!

Refuse Fascism, San Francisco Bay Area 510-926-8144


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