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"Trump Pence Out Now" Resonates at Impeachment March in New York City December 17, 2019



Important protests were held across the country on the eve of Congress's vote on impeachment. In many cities, mobilized contingents to strengthen these protests and to bring in the challenge—and organize people into—the #OUTNOW Movement whose mission is to drive the Trump/Pence regime from power through mass nonviolent protests in the streets. Below and to the right are a sampling of photos from around the country, and a report from the New York City chapter of on the night of protest.


Front of march in New York City. Special to

by the New York City Chapter of Refuse Fascism

Several thousand people gathered in Times Square and marched through Manhattan manifesting their hatred for what Donald Trump represents and their desire to see him removed from power. The march was organized to support the Democrats’ attempt to impeach Trump and remove him from office for endangering the security of the country with his actions involving Ukraine and abuse of power by refusing to recognize the legitimacy of the impeachment process. But many people were out there for much more than what is concentrated narrowly in the articles of impeachment. People were also there because they have a deep sense of the danger of letting this Trump presidency go forward, and that there are larger problems that are not included in these articles of impeachment.

This was made clear by their response to the #OUTNOW contingent. Fifteen to twenty of us marched into the middle of the growing crowd at the beginning chanting: “Danger, Danger! There are fascists in the White House; It’s up to us to drive them out!” “Don’t Tell Us It Can’t Happen Here, Don’t Tell Us Wait Another Year; Trump/Pence, Out Now!” and “This system is outrageous, it puts our kids in cages! Trump, Pence, Out Now!” Then we did a mike check and got dozens of people amplifying the words of Sunsara Taylor as she laid out that: 1) This was about way more than Donald Trump—There’s a whole fascist regime that we were up against; 2) That the crimes of this regime go way beyond Ukraine. There’s the concentration camps on the border, the Muslim ban, attacks on the right to abortion and LGBTQ rights, the unleashing of naked white supremacy and more—There’s a whole fascist agenda that needs to be stopped; 3) Things are on a trajectory for impeachment to be squashed in the Senate and Trump to remain in power—but that this can be changed by people pouring into the streets and staying in the streets in massive, sustained nonviolent protest, like people did in Puerto Rico and are doing in India, Hong Kong, and many other countries; and 4) that people need to join with #OUTNOW to inspire and mobilize this kind of outpouring. Sunsara called on people to take up the plans to make January a month of growing struggle to build towards driving the regime from power from below.

Refuse Fascism in New York march. Special to

As we continued chanting while people waited for the march to begin, many, many people began to take up our chants. At times other chants were raised. Some of them, like “Country over Party,” reflected a bad direction that people’s willingness to be in the streets could be taken in. The impeachment battle is in essence a fight at the top of society over two sharply different approaches to accomplishing the same goal—keeping U.S. global domination in effect. Calling for “Country over Party” amounts to saying to people who hate what Trump represents that they should act in support of an alternate approach to maintaining U.S. domination instead of acting in the interests of humanity. We responded to this chant with “Humanity First, Not America First.”

Other chants included: “What do we want? Impeachment. When do we want it? Now!” and “Impeach and Remove.” Many people took up both these chants and the chants #OUTNOW was leading. When the march took off, it became clear that the #OUTNOW chants resonated with a lot of the people who were in the streets. As we moved through different sections of the march getting the #OUTNOW flyer with January plans out broadly, we heard different groups of people doing our chants on their own.

It was important that the protest in NY drew thousands of people and that many who came really did want to hear and responded to what Refuse Fascism was saying. But things have to go beyond what was manifested in this march. The numbers need to grow, and rather than people coming out once and going back home or coming out when called to support what the Democrats are doing; people need to come into the streets and stay in the streets. As Sunsara put it in a mike check we did at the end of the march: “People need to stop being so lazy and do like people in Puerto Rico, India, and other countries have done and are doing.” She also called for people to join with the #OUTNOW! movement and be part of forging the massive sustained nonviolent protest that can create the kind of political protest that’s needed to really drive the Trump/Pence regime from power.

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In January 2020:
Join the #OUTNOW Movement
The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go NOW!

Everyone with a conscience and heart for the people and the planet must confront that EVERY DAY THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME REMAINS IN POWER THREATENS THE FUTURE. We must face this hard truth. But, that is not enough, we must ACT ON IT.

There is a way to remove this whole regime—the #OUTNOW! Movement of sustained, nonviolent protest that doesn’t stop until the regime has been removed from power.

From now through January 2020, as the impeachment of Trump roils in the U.S. Senate, this movement must grow... each week making advances, becoming a growing force of all who feel that life here and around the world will be unbearable under the fascism the Trump/Pence regime is rapidly imposing.

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Rallies in support of impeachment were called in several hundred cities, large and small, across the U.S. Below are a few pictures shared on Twitter from some of the marches and rallies.

San Francisco

Los Angeles



San Antonio





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