Protests in 80 Cities Across the Country Demand:
No U.S. War on Iran!



New York


On Saturday, January 4, thousands of people in some 80 cities and towns across the U.S. rallied and marched in #NoWarOnIran protests. These protests took place a day after the U.S. assassinated a high-ranking Iranian official in Iraq, and as the Trump/Pence regime continues to make aggressive moves and threats against Iran.

In Washington, DC, several hundred people—including actor/activist Jane Fonda—gathered across from the White House and then marched to Trump Hotel. Hundreds rallied at Times Square in New York City and marched through Manhattan streets. A large crowd protested near Trump Tower in Chicago, with some of the protesters marching through the downtown streets and briefly taking over the busy Lake Shore Drive. A local TV news channel reported that “Thousands came to San Francisco Saturday to protest.... They made their way through city streets, holding signs and stopping traffic as they chanted ‘We say no to war.’” Along with the protests in major cities, there were demonstrations in smaller cities and towns like Albuquerque, New Mexico; Ithaca, New York; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and elsewhere.

As the statement on the U.S. assassination of the Iranian official says: It is critically important that people in this country oppose this American act of war with mass political action.


Miami, Photo: @medeabenjamin

Oklahoma City

Ithaca, NY

Boston, Photo: @masspeaceaction

Detroit, Photo: @KuipersAnna



Los Angeles

Portland, OR, Photo: @DamonMotzStorey






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