From a member of the National Revolution Tour:

In a time of such hopelessness… HOPE FOR HUMANITY, On a Scientific Basis.

A new year, a new decade… what future for humanity?



We in the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour are reaching out to you to donate to and sustain the work of the Tour. The start of this new year has already brought into sharp relief the dire state of the world, and urgent need for a much better world. And we are a cohort of revolutionaries determined to break through the dread and hopelessness with real hope on a scientific basis. We are struggling to take up and apply the leadership of Bob Avakian and the new communism he has forged and fighting to bring forward thousands into the ranks of the revolution.

While the global climate crisis literally heats up, as on display in Australia; while the U.S.’ assassination of an Iranian general brings the world to the brink of war, with people of the world still on the brink of disastrous conflict and subject to the whims of fascist-in-chief Trump and American imperial interests; and while the high-stakes impeachment trial of this fascist-in-chief has begun… we on this National Revolution Tour are working and struggling to wrench out of all this a brighter future for humanity. 

Members of the Tour were in DC for the Women’s March 2020 and will be there during the impeachment trial to strengthen the #OUTNOW movement to drive this fascist regime from power while boldly putting forward that a BETTER world IS possible, and we are making revolution to get to that world. Others on the Tour went to Richmond, Virginia, on Monday, MLK Day, into a gathering of various armed right-wing, fascist, and white supremacist groupings, unleashed and strengthened by the fascists in power. We went into the midst of all that to raise the banners “NO White Supremacy!” “TRUMP/PENCE #OUTNOW!” “REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!” This gathering prefigured the kind of polarization that Bob Avakian has been pointing to, namely that the sections of society on the side of a virulent white supremacist, male supremacist, American chauvinist fascism are arming for and preparing to carry out a race war/civil war, while too much of what characterizes those sections of people opposed to that are politically pacified, proceeding with politics as usual, or sleepwalking through this nightmare (even while claiming “woke-ness”).

Now more than ever the work of the Tour to put before society that THERE IS A REAL WAY OUT, and to bring forward and train new waves of revolutionaries and revolutionary leaders on the basis of Bob Avakian’s new communism, is both needed and holds potential to radically raise people’s sights and carve a way forward out of the darkness that this system imposes on the world.

So donate generously and consider becoming a sustainer of the Tour, making a regular contribution of funds to meet the Tour’s ongoing needs for food, travel, and housing; donate travel miles ( reach out with ideas and ways to raise funds and expand the reach and effect of the National Revolution Tour.

For all your contributions past, current, and future, I want to say on behalf of all of us on the Tour, and having in mind the interests of the 7 billion people depending on all of us who see the need for a radically different future: thank you.

Download this PDF and distribute broadly among past, present and future donors.   

Watch January 21 Report Back from Richmond, Virginia by Carl Dix and others from National Revolution Tour

Watch and spread this video everywhere now!

January 20, Carl Dix and others in the Revolution Tour courageously stood up to the white supremacist, gun-toting mob, to represent for REAL REVOLUTION as re-envisioned by Bob Avakian




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