Reflections from a college student who has been involved in the Revolution Tour



The following are some reflections from a college student who has been involved in the Revolution Tour

The year is 2020.  It is now 100 seconds to midnight.  Closer than ever to the brink.  A strike at a Baghdad airport by Mein Trumpf nearly takes us over the edge.  A very different, and opposite “What If?”...

The fact that we have, as of yet “not come close to breaking through on the objectives of the tour or initiated the kind of dynamic, the geometric progression, that could” is something that myself, and I’m sure everyone else who has been part of the Tour, or working closely with it, have constantly on our minds, the source of many sleepless, restless nights.  The point of all this, really, is to win, to free humanity.  The terrible unnecessary suffering of the masses of people, all that’s concentrated in the Five Stops, their needless misery and deaths in the millions annually, the billions of wasted lives, their broken spirits and tortured cries that go unanswered, all this is what we must end through revolution.  This system we live under is totally worthless and needs to be wrenched off of the backs of the people of the world and tossed like the putrid garbage it is, into the dustbin of history.  To make the greatest gains possible to this end, and nothing less, is the reason that I want to continue being a part of this Tour, because I have become convinced that BA has charted the only viable path to communist revolution in this historical period, and along with this re-envisioned the whole project of communist revolution and communism as a method and approach which is thoroughly scientific.  This advance of the science of revolution is a profound breakthrough in human thought, and to be alive at the same time as the leader who has developed this, and is providing ongoing strategic and tactical leadership to a MOVEMENT based on this breakthrough is a precious thing.  The fact that this is still a “flickering light” surrounded by so much darkness and uncertainty weighs heavily on my heart, and on the billions who do not know it.

I think about this a lot: the fighters for the New Communism are all around us, in theory.  They are the middle strata youth who are walking out of school, who agonize every night over the impending and ongoing destruction of the planet and the inaction of “world leaders” to do anything about it.  They are the basic people who are spit on every day, brutalized by the pigs for not paying subway fares, shot for no reason at all, or killing each other over turf on the South Side of Chicago or in Watts.  They are the college freshmen eager to explore new and big ideas, and maybe even some of their professors.  They are the artists and the line workers.  The poets and the fry cooks.  Everyone in every corner of this society who hungers for and yearns for something different and better than this hell we are forced to live in now.  This potential is massive.  And the gap between where we are now and where we need to be is vast.  But it is not insurmountable IF we take up the science that has been developed, and if we use the tools we have at our disposal to educate, train and develop the scores to hundreds of revolutionary leaders we need in this immediate period.  This is a process that I want to continue pushing forward and accelerating with the commensurate sense of urgency and enthusiasm.  Very briefly, a couple points I think we should be thinking about:

  1. Maintain and deepen our understanding and application of arming people with a strong anti-populist line and anti-populist epistemology right from jump...and
  2. Having people meet BA right away (or ASAP) through film or audio, and bring alive in a basic way who he is and why he is important, with substance.

Looking forward to this next leg, I hope to contribute in many capacities, including but not limited to the following: Helping comprise and grow a web presence team, possibly even being a part of the web show which was mentioned.  Another way to “stitch together” the national movement: a discord server with audio and text channels to facilitate discussion and debate on the New Communism.

Ways to Donate:

• The National Revolution Tour now has Venmo: “@RevolutionTour”

• Write in to getorganizedforrevolutiontour (at), let us know if you are taking up collections, or to send statements

• Or call (646) 717-7161

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