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Thoughts About 70 million People Who Voted for Trump



Prisoner Revolutionary Literature Fund:

First, let me inform that I have been receiving the Revolution newspaper on a weekly basis. I am grateful for it. Whenever I am done reading I share them with those around me who are interested (and sometimes those who are not interested).

Second, your letter dated November 22, 2020 suggested that I request two books that I’d like to receive. Therefore, I request:

  1. Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal); and
  2. The Communist Manifesto, 1848 (Marx & Engels).

Per your 11/22/20 letter I make the following remarks about why 70 million people voted for Donald Trump.

An important figure in the centuries-long struggle to free Africans in America from the brutal clutches of capitalism/imperialism and the people who are the primary beneficiaries of this horrible treatment remarked that “a people without knowledge of its history is like a tree without its roots.” Marcus Garvey understood that history is important if one is to fully understand his/her place in society and the world. Forsaking history will prevent a comprehension of the present.

So, let’s go back in time to a period when America was born and “great.” Supposedly those who first emigrated to America did so, in large part, to escape religious persecution. They wrote flowery documents about the freedoms they wanted for themselves, all the while perfectly willing to hypocritically (and unashamed of it) deny it to their African counterparts. While all kinds of excuses were created to justify the tyranny they did and would inflict on Africans enslaved in America, including but not limited to bogus science and the 3/5 of a human justification, the driving force was capitalism, the unabashed desire and willingness to brutalize Africans (and Africa) for their profit. This is commonly referred to as America’s “Original Sin.” Personally I object to resorting to religion to explain crimes against humanity committed in service to the system of capitalism/imperialism primarily because these same religious systems encourage the ill-treatment of “others” (Christianity’s “slaves obey your masters”; Islam’s “treat your slaves with fairness”; and Judaism’s insistence that genocide is fine if you are stealing land on the orders of your god).

But I digress. A culture was born in America where white people ruled and dominated Africans. Fast forward to the present and we find ourselves faced with the same culture where a significant portion of white America still insists that they are superior purely by virtue of their whiteness. While this belief is proudly and publicly declared by a vociferous bunch (MAGA scum gangs), the others for any host of reasons are more secretive about their allegiance to white supremacy. While they may not be willing to declare themselves openly (perhaps for fear of judgment or ridicule), they are certainly willing, when the ballot counter’s curtain is pulled shut, to vote their white supremacy. In other words, they are reluctant to voice support for white supremacy in public but more than happy to vote their support for white supremacy in private. This is prima facie evidence that the secret white supremacists represent a threat identical to and even greater than the vociferous, unmasked COVID-19 spitting clowns who show up with guns to intimidate their opponents. The fact that 70 million people voted for Trump is a proof that in public people will not espouse views of white supremacy but in the privacy of the voting booth they will show support for it. The 70 million Trump supporters are the descendants of those who committed America’s Original Sin. The system of capitalism/imperialism is undoubtedly the lifeblood of these horrible creatures. In order to get rid of white supremacy the system it relies on for its survival must be systematically and permanently destroyed (a point and reality littered with numerous contradictions). Otherwise new generations of racists will emerge to abuse new generations of people they view as other.

Thank you for considering this letter. I look forward to your thoughts about it (and certainly this includes criticism, encouragement and suggestions).

In the struggle,

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