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Episode 42 of The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less—Show!

International Women's Day—Break ALL the Chains!

Episode 42 of The RNL Show comes just four days away from this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD). We will look at the role of women in the world and the profound potential of the emancipation of women brought out in the new communism developed by Bob Avakian.

For thousands of years women have been battered, raped, abused, treated as less than human and forced into a position of subjugation, but it doesn't have to be this way!

Learn about the liberating history of the communist movement on this question, an inspirational part of history that has been buried and needs to be uncovered. And this year, connect up with the revolutionary struggle to end this oppression!  

Join hosts Andy Zee and Sunsara Taylor as they share excerpts from Bob Avakian on breaking all the chains and unleashing the fury of women as a mighty force for revolution, talk about the revolution we are fighting for and that you need to join, and hear from members of the National Revolution Tour. 

This episode features: 

You cannot break all the chains, except one. You cannot say you want to be free of exploitation and oppression, except you want to keep the oppression of women by men. You can’t say you want to liberate humanity yet keep one half of the people enslaved to the other half. The oppression of women is completely bound up with the division of society into masters and slaves, exploiters and exploited, and the ending of all such conditions is impossible without the complete liberation of women. All this is why women have a tremendous role to play not only in making revolution but in making sure there is all-the-way revolution. The fury of women can and must be fully unleashed as a mighty force for proletarian revolution.

BAsics 3:22, from BAsics: from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian

*National plans for actions on and leading up to International Women’s Day, including a Special program hosted by The RNL Show on Sunday, March 7

*BAsics 1:10, read by Amina from the National Revolution Tour, from the film Stepping Into The Future 

*A commentary by Andy Zee 

*Bob Avakian speaks on a radically different world that is needed and what was begun in the first communist revolutions of the 20th century. From a speech in 2003 called Revolution: Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, and What It’s All About   

* Noche Diaz, spokesperson for the Revolution Clubs, speaking at the 2020 International Women’s Day march in Los Angeles

* Bob Avakian on the need for a change in culture—an excerpt from the film BA Speaks: Revolution—Nothing Less!—and an IWD interview with Prose and Maya from the National Revolution Tour on lessons learned from the first wave of communism on the emancipation of women and the freedom that revolution unleashes.

*The song “Free Women” by the revolutionary rock band ¡Outernational!


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