The Cold Truth Behind Kamala Harris’s Gangster Tour in Guatemala



This past week U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris—as part of Biden’s supposedly "enlightened" policy on immigrants—went to Guatemala to deliver a message. A basic message of raw power, with no small measure of disgust and loathing!

Speaking to prospective immigrants from the region, Harris said, “Do not come.” And then, to make sure they got the message, she repeated: “Do not come.” She didn’t have quite the same vicious racist bombast of Trump, but the effect was the same—a warning to people who are starving and fearing for their lives that it will be even worse for them if they dare to go north to the U.S.

Harris also talked about giving money to “root out corruption” and “support indigenous entrepreneurs.” We show here the actual truth behind hypocrisy and fiction that drip from her lips as Harris makes those vows. In short, the U.S. has—over the last 50 years—created the very situation it now poses as being concerned about and which it will in fact do nothing, and cannot do anything, to cure—while millions face the very real threat of starvation and death.

In truth, Biden and Harris enforce the same international system of plunder that Trump did. They have different strategies and are locked in sharp struggle with each other, but day after day the empire’s machinery of exploitation, destruction, starvation and death continues to roll. 

If you cared when Trump locked up children at the border… if you can’t stand to look at what this country does all over the world… then your principles should demand that you confront the truth: that this system of capitalism-imperialism, no matter who represents it, Democrats or Republicans, has NO ANSWERS for the problems it causes around the world. THAT—this system, its rulers and its enforcers—is the source of the problem, and unless and until that system is uprooted through revolution those problems will not just continue—they will grow worse.


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