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We made the goal!! Thank you to those who contributed and were part of raising funds for the National Revolution Tour's $25,000 drive.

Keep it up and stay tuned for more — ongoing fundraising is needed to build up a financial base of support for the Tour as we step up our work in these crucial times.



We've received many generous donations, inspiring statements and several collective fundraising projects to meet this necessary goal – but we need to, and can, reach even more broadly to meet this goal.  These funds are needed to spread and build up the force for revolution and fundraising itself is an essential part of organizing for revolution.

There are millions of people agonizing about this society... why the COVID crisis, and the systemic inequities and anti-science lunacy that make it worse, is continuing around the world... why access to abortion is hanging by a thread... why the fascists are ripping apart even basic voting rights for large sections of oppressed people... why whole parts of the world are drowning and others scorching due to capitalism-caused climate change... and losing sleep over what must really be done about this... millions of people who don't want to see this future but aren't paying enough attention to all this... all these people need to be reached and challenged with the message in A Declaration, A Call to Get Organized Now For a Real Revolution... they need to dig into the important new article from Bob Avakian, This Is A Rare Time When Revolution Becomes Possible—Why That Is So, And How To Seize On This Rare Opportunity.  People need to be given the way to contribute to this—with their ideas, creativity and financial resources.  They need to be given the opportunity to spread this to others. 

Hit the street-corners, farmers markets and phones... reach broadly, widely and wage struggle – to contribute to the revolutionary force going up against all the ways this system has people fighting each other, doing for self, or caught up in band-aid reforms that will go nowhere and worse!

What would you give for there to be a future worth living in? A future for humanity and the planet, a future for the millions of youth in this country and all over the world? There is hope for that future — in the revolution to bring into being a whole better world and the work now to make that revolution real. There is nothing more important to contribute to than this future.

The fascists are on the march, the planet is burning, murder by police continues unabated, the right to abortion hangs by a thread...

It is a hard but basic truth: For the masses of people, and ultimately for humanity as a whole, there is no future, or no future worth living, under this system.

But there is a way to a world and a future that is worth living, and is worth fighting for right now: revolutiona real revolution, not playing around with a few changes that leave this system in place and in power, while benefitting only a small number.

— from the Declaration from the Revcoms,
A Call to Get Organized Now for a Real Revolution

Fundamental, radical, change is necessary, it is possible, and there is a force working urgently to build up the forces to make this revolution — the revcoms, The National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour, but this will not have the necessary impact without your financial support

Contribute to the future, contribute to the revcoms. A force — on the ground in Los Angeles and anchoring a national movement for revolution. A force, with the leadership in Bob Avakian, who’s brought forward a whole new framework for the liberation of all oppressed people and the emancipation of all humanity. A force that is working to grow and to spread, going up against all the ways this system has people fighting each other, doing for self, or caught up in band-aid reforms that will go nowhere and worse... a force that is not tailing after whatever is popular, repeating the lies we are constantly told by the people in power and their mouthpieces in the media and elsewhere. A force that is bringing people the hard but liberating truth and organizing forces now for a real revolution.

What would you give for there to be a future worth living in? A future for humanity and the planet, a future for the millions of youth in this country and all over the world? There is hope for that future — in the revolution to bring into being a whole better world and the work now to make that revolution real. There is nothing more important to contribute to than this future.

Revolution will not happen without financial support from the people themselves—those who catch the most hell under this system, and all those who are sick and tired of living in a world where people are treated as less than human. If you want to get free... if you want humanity to get free... you need to be part of taking responsibility for this. This means contributing funds and raising funds from others for the revolution necessary to bring a whole new world into being.

Funds are needed to print materials, for transportation, advertising, support for the frontline revolutionary fighters who are currently on the National Tour, now focused in Los Angeles, to run the website, and to produce the weekly YouTube show, The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show, which are providing national leadership and guidance for this revolution.

The Declaration from the revcoms, A Call to Get Organized Now for a Real Revolution, speaks to the fact that now is a rare moment when revolution could be possible and the need to get busy building up the organization needed for this revolution — it lays out a strategic plan and approach for people to come together and collectively go to work on the problems of the revolution. Contributing and raising funds is key to all that... it’s key to people stepping into this revolution, to organizing others and taking responsibility for revolution. 

All across the country, from July 12 to 21 and going forward from there, we’re coming together to raise funds — people like you and people very different from you — all coming together to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Through collective “revolutionary change” jars, asking our friends and family, knocking on doors, neighborhood car washes, COVID-safe backyard parties, tamale sales, bake sales, and getting with people who can give larger contributions to match the community efforts. All of our efforts — big and small —

There’s nothing more important to contribute funds to than the work beginning NOW to organize forces for real revolution.

Send your ideas, statements of supports, reports of experience, and more to or DM us on social media @therevcoms

More statements from donors:

From Juanita Young:

My name is Juanita Young, the mother of Malcolm Ferguson who was murdered by the NYPD in March of 2000. I’m donating $1,500 to the National Revolution Tour, and I’m calling on others to donate to it too and to match my donation. The revcoms have stood with me and other families fighting to end police getting away with murdering our children. And thru working with them over the years, I’ve recognized that we aren’t just fighting for self, but for eliminating all oppression and for humanity. And I’ve come to understand that we need a revolution.

* * *

From a young doctor who supports, and financially sustains, the National Revolution Tour:

In every life snuffed out by the murderous oppressors of this system, or lost fleeing devastation to cross the deadly gauntlet of the US southern border ... or those who died in a moment’s breath in their home as death rained from above at the hands of the US or its most dependable allies ... we lose humanity, joy, spirit, and creativity ... a loss that did not need to be. In the brave uprisings in Minneapolis or Kenosha, Cali or Gaza City, there are the seeds of a new world.

More than anything else at this moment, people need a scientific vision that can shape the struggle, allow them to see the roots of these regenerating outrages as this system itself, that these stem from the necessity it faces and can never be reformed away, and that this system is not invulnerable and that it regenerates the fuel of its own potential destruction with each brutal act. People need the new communism, and the leadership of Bob Avakian, to see the right path forward, and the real potential that exists before us.

Genuine revolutionary consciousness is needed, desperately, and a movement that embodies this exists, is growing, and needs our support!! Please give to match—and exceed—my gift. Let us all do our part to take responsibility for the growth of this revolution!

* * *

* * *

Statement from woman from Trinidad, currently in Chicago:

Why I fundraise for the revolution is because I am tired of this system and how it is working against you.... Fundraising is necessary for the work of the Revolution Tour and Rev Clubs because of what they are doing getting the message out about Bob Avakian and the revolution to the masses abroad—internationally as well as in the U.S. They need food, bullhorns at rallies, ink and paper for printing, etc. We need to come together with the Revolution Club to do what we can to donate to the Tour. We need to engage more of the young people so they can really know what the money is going to. The importance of fundraising allows us to meet with the youth one on one or in groups on the street to educate and recruit them to the revolution. Once educated they cannot unknow—hence we have to educate them about the revolution because they are the future.

* * *

* * *

A message from a manager of a convenience store in Houston, who contributed $17 himself and has put up a donation jar for the revolution:

I just heard Dr. Phil Rice’s message about fundraising for the revolution. I’m doing my part, donating and encouraging others to donate. I have a fundraising jar at my job. I encourage people to donate and to read about it. I’m not good with words. So other people can do other things like motivational speaking. Or go to marches and spread the word ... I am for Humanity First. That’s a big thought, what this whole revolution is about. Everyone together for this common goal.

  • Venmo: “@RevolutionTour”
  • CashApp: $revtour
  • Send a check or money order,
    payable to RCP Publications,
    memo line: National Revolution Tour.
  • Mail to:
    RCP Publications
    Box 3486, Merchandise Mart
    Chicago, IL 60654-0486

Watch the livestream that aired July 18:

From People Who Lost Loved Ones to Violence on the Streets:
“We call on everyone who wants to end this madness to donate to the National Revolution Tour”

Read more

Watch this letter being read by Roosevelt from @revclubchi:

Family Members of People Murdered by Cops Call on You to:

“The revolutionary leader Bob Avakian has said that the words ‘justifiable homicide’ pour gasoline on the already burning wounds suffered by people whose loved ones have been murdered by police. We know this is true because all of us have had to bury loved ones who were killed by cops. And we are writing to urge you to donate generously to support the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour...” Read the full letter signed by eight people whose sons, brothers, and loved ones were murdered by the police.

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