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Episode 62 of The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less—Show!

A “Rare Time” When Revolution Becomes Possible, IF...
PLUS: Bob Avakian for Black Liberation


A Declaration, A Call To Get Organized Now For A Real Revolution from The Revcoms, states that we're in one of those “rare times and circumstances” when revolution becomes possible. Now, Bob Avakian has issued a companion piece, deepening the case why this is so—and how to seize on this rare opportunity. Plus, the newly completed and re-edited visual narration of “Bob Avakian for The Liberation of Black People and the Emancipation of All Humanity.”


In this episode, Andy Zee challenges all to DIG INTO the NEW PIECE, “From Bob Avakian—Revolutionary Leader, Author of the New Communism: THIS IS A RARE TIME WHEN REVOLUTION BECOMES POSSIBLE—WHY THAT IS SO, AND HOW TO SEIZE ON THIS RARE OPPORTUNITY.” Andy says: "This is a work that makes the case, develops the argument, for why the moment in history that we are living in RIGHT NOW could be ripened into a revolutionary crisis... Bob Avakian cuts deep to the root of the problem, dissects the political situation, stretches our sights wide to encompass the broad potential among many different kinds of people for this revolution."

Next, The RNL Show presents the newly edited and now completed visual narration of the article "Bob Avakian For The Liberation Of Black People And The Emancipation Of All Humanity."

In September of 2020 revcom.us published a very important article: “Bob Avakian For The Liberation of Black People And The Emancipation of All Humanity.” This article brings alive a crucial part of who Bob Avakian is as a person and the work he has done on a pivotal question of this revolution, for which he has a great passion: the liberation of Black people, and how this is bound together with the fight for the emancipation of all humanity. The RNL—Revolution Nothing Less—Show has narrated this article, adding images, which include both recent and archival film footage of Bob Avakian, as a contribution to telling this story.


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