Postponed to Friday, September 10, 7 pm: Program at Revolution Books NYC


The Importance of a Scientific Understanding and Approach



*Proof of vaccination will be required to attend inside*

*Outdoor seating will be available (program will be shown on large outside screen)*

A Panel Discussion inspired by 3 articles by Bob Avakian*
architect of the New Communism and leader of the revolution to emancipate humanity

(articles available on and in print at Revolution Books)

Presentations by:

  • Carl Dix, long-time revolutionary leader and follower of Bob Avakian
  • Dr. Phil Rice, Chair, Emergency Medicine, Mass. General Brigham Salem Hospital (by Zoom)
  • Reports from the Field, including from:
    Dr. Michelle Collins-Ogle, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist, Children's Hospital at Montefiore, Bronx
  • Followed by audience Q&A — We want to hear from you!

REGISTER here for event, seating is limited.

Covid-19 is a massive global public health crisis. Some 4.5 million people worldwide have died from the virus. In the U.S., 600,000 have died from it --and the new Delta variant is driving a new wave of hospitalizations and death. The toll of suffering has been disproportionately higher in communities of color. Because of hoarding of vaccines by the rich countries, only some 2 percent of people in Africa have been vaccinated.

Safe, well-tested, and effective vaccines are available. But almost half of the U.S. population has NOT been vaccinated. Too many people are buying into anti-scientific conspiracy theories.

Extreme individualism—the concept that 'I have the right to do whatever I want, in line with my sense of my personal freedom'—is a tremendous problem in this society today, among all sections of people.

— Bob Avakian

The June 10th program will challenge people to stop thinking only of themselves (“Well, I haven't gotten COVID,” or “I had COVID and got over it” or “I have antibodies and don't need the vaccine”) ...and start thinking about humanity.


The June 10th program will address scientifically:

...why the vaccine is not a government plot to control or surveil people or a modern-day genocidal Tuskegee experiment

...why it IS a public health necessity

...Why me-first” individualism (“it should be my choice whether to get or not get the vaccine”) is so wrong and so rampant

...what underlies the intense conflict at all levels of society, with some in power advocating for vaccination and the fascists violently opposing it.

The 3 articles from Bob Avakian inspiring this program are:

[T]he fascists are determined to sabotage and undermine the ability of Biden and the Democrats to govern effectively—this is more important to the fascists than dealing with the COVID pandemic and achieving some kind of relative 'stability' and 'normal functioning' of the economy and the society overall.

— Bob Avakian

We will address: How the revolution and a new liberatory socialist society would be able to address such a crisis in a profoundly different way, putting humanity first?

The way forward—the only way forward—out of this madness is revolution: a real revolution to overthrow this monstrous system of capitalism-imperialism, and bring something much better into being. It is this, ever more urgently needed, revolution that all those who hunger for a world without all the unnecessary suffering to which the masses of humanity are subjected under the domination of this system must work for tirelessly, on a consistently scientific basis—seizing on this rare situation where such a revolution becomes possible, even in a powerful country like this. 

— Bob Avakian

Come and get into it. The health of humanity hangs in the balance.


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This program is sponsored by the Revolution Books Educational Fund, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.


*Bob Avakian is the architect of a whole new framework for human emancipation. He is the leader of the revolution. Read more.  [back]


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