The Question That Wasn’t Asked At the BEB Climate Forum (Democratic Party Division)



This is the question that was not asked at the CNN/BEB Climate Forum for the Democratic Party presidential candidates:

“What will you do about the fact that—owing to the blood-soaked capitalist-imperialist domination and plunder of the planet by the U.S. —it would take five earths to provide resources adequate for a standard of living for the rest of the world equivalent to that of Americans?”

The only true answer from any of the BEB candidates to that question would have been:

“Nothing!  Because restructuring the U.S. in relation to the rest of the world with the aim of overcoming the oppression of one nation by another would require a revolution to overthrow this system and bring in a totally new political and economic structure.  So, we would rather that hundreds of millions and even billions around the planet perish in ecological disaster and we would rather risk the web of life itself than for that to happen. 

“Now fuck you and let us get back to our jobs of corralling and domesticating dissent with the promises, posturing, and obfuscation of BEB …. while the planet burns.”

Which is why that question was not asked.

For a revolutionary approach to the environmental crisis, go here.



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