Anti-Science Fascist "Reopen America" Rallies Around the Country Opposed by The Revcoms, Refuse Fascism and Others on May 1st



On May 1, the National Get Organized for an Actual Revolution Tour and the Revolution Club united with an initiative from Refuse Fascism to oppose the fascist-organized demonstrations on May 1 around "re-open America." The following is a press release from the Revolution Club Press, on the action that the Revcoms took in unity with Refuse Fascism in Los Angeles.

“On May 1st, historically revolutionary May Day, two futures faced off at Los Angeles City Hall,” said Noche Diaz from the National Tour to Get Organized for an Actual Revolution. “In the wake of fascists gathering with guns in Michigan, and as flag-waving science-deniers crowded together in locations across the country, the Revcoms stood up in the face of this lunacy with a socially-distanced protest declaring: ‘Humanity First, NOT America First’ and ‘Humanity Needs Revolution and The New Communism.’”

The Revcoms stood off with a caravan of the fascist “Re-Open America” rally. Michelle Xai, a member of the Revolution Club in LA said, “we were calling out the ignorant, anti-science and whole fascist program backed and unleashed by the Trump/Pence regime that threatens the lives of people here and around the world. We stood calmly and at a safe distance, but were immediately descended upon, threatened, and physically assaulted. We were shoved, pushed, grabbed, and had signs ripped apart by the crowd of MAGA thugs chanting ‘USA, USA,’ ‘Build the Wall,’ ‘Go back to your country,’ waving American and Trump flags, proudly displaying all the white supremacy, misogyny, and arrogant ignorance that represents the future they are fighting for.”

In sharp contrast, the Revcoms, chanting Humanity First! and Science Not Ignorance, Humanity, Not Me, Me, Me! declared the need to get to a world beyond the horror of capitalism, as Noche Diaz said, “a ruthless ‘me-first’ system that is nothing but an obstacle to humanity and its survival on this planet. A system that today gives millions the ‘choice’ of risking death by disease or facing the certainty of imminent hunger.” Diaz said, “We declare our determination to overthrow this system through an actual revolution, when the conditions for that revolution have come into being, for a radically different world and the new communism led by Bob Avakian, for a world community of humanity without borders, without oppression, exploitation, and all the destructive divisions between people.” Read their whole May Day statement here.  Diaz continued, “These ‘Open America’ Rallies are calling for a blood sacrifice for a system and a culture of science denial, ignorance and shameless selfish individualism that says money is more important than people, and people are only a means to make money, with Black people, Latinos, and Native Americans dying at disproportionate rates.”



Protests against the Trumpite “re-open America” rallies also took place in Olympia (Washington), San Francisco, Chicago, Springfield (Illinois), Detroit, Cleveland, New York City, and Boston. An NBC News piece on Friday morning reported on the Refuse Fascism protests planned that day against the “Re-open America” rallies. It quoted Andy Zee, Refuse Fascism co-initiator and host of the Revolution, Nothing Less YouTube show, saying, “In a society where Black people, Latinos, and Native Americans are already dying at disproportionate rates, who do you think will be sacrificed in order to re-open America and get the economy going again?”

There were other groups and movements who also protested, demanding protection for essential workers, prisoners, and immigrants held in concentration camps. These included protesters with fake body bags at Times Square in New York City; and nurses who stood in front of the State Center in downtown Chicago and held a banner telling the fascist rally, “Nurses Are Dying. Go Home.”

Livestream from Revolutionary May 1 in Los Angeles. Standing up to anti-science fascist "re-open America" rally, and fighting for a better world. Humanity needs revolution and the new communism.

May 1, New York City. Refuse Fascism opposing the fascist “Re-Open America” rally in downtown Manhattan




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