Juneteenth – a Righteous Anniversary and Celebration, Even More at This Moment...

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June 19 – Tens of thousands of people across the country took to the streets on Juneteenth, the day on which the emancipation of Black people from slavery is celebrated. The protests and celebrations on Juneteenth were a righteous continuation of the weeks of demonstrations in thousands of cities against the police murder of George Floyd and countless other Black people who have been brutalized and killed by the police. The June 19 protests included Tulsa, Oklahoma—the site of the worst racist massacre of Black people in U.S. history, in 1921.  This took place on the eve of Trump’s Nazi rally in Tulsa—not only an insulting slap against Black people and the continuing upsurge but an ugly fascist, white-supremacist threat. There are calls for protests to continue in Tulsa and other cities the whole weekend, including from RefuseFascism and the revcoms. Check this website for updates.

Washington, D.C. Photo: AP

Revolution Tour in Los Angeles

Brooklyn Bridge, NY City. Photo: AP

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Protest at Angola Prison, Louisiana

Revolution Club, Chicago

Seattle, Washington. Photo: @AGarland

Vancouver, Canada. Photo: @NEWS1130

African American Museum, Philadelphia. Photo: Philadelphia Inquirer

Refuse Fascism, New York City

Washington Square Park, NY City. Photo: @GwynneFitz



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