Report from the Fascist Shit Show, aka Republican Convention, Day One



This was a dual message: on the one hand, straight-up fascist assault rhetoric that Trump is defending Western civilization against “them.”  

Who is the “them” that people should fear?

  1. the supposed “socialists” in the Democratic Party
  2. the so-called “mob” (referring, that is, to the several million protesters who righteously stood up against police brutality, pitting their bodies against tear gas, batons, rubber bullets and all the rest and NOT the real mob of AK-carrying fascist thugs out in support of their “brothers” in the police force); 
  3. any countries that the Trump people tell you to fear;
  4. anyone who does not wish to live in a white Christian theocracy!  

This theme was hammered by Charlie Kirk, Kimberly Guilfoyle, the white vigilantes who backed up Trump by arguing for the apartheidization of suburbia, and Junior Trump. Junior even said that the choice was between “Work, Family, and Church” (which by the way has been the historic slogan of fascism in Europe) and “rioting, looting, vandalism”—referring, again, to the millions-strong, multicultural, beautiful protests of the spring!

To sum up the theme: Heil Mein Trumpf!! Vanquish Our Enemies!!

Trump himself in the morning claimed again that the only way he could possibly lose would be through massive voter fraud—thereby setting things up further to unleash his armed thugs and DHS goons, in concert with local pigs, to nullify results. And in case you didn’t get it, he also said that his “Second Amendment” people (again, armed fascist thugs) could “clean up” Portland in a day.  

He is telling you that he will not recognize the results of the election and that he will do things that go way beyond what he has already done. And the other speakers are working to whip up his followers into rabid dogs.

Oh, and then there was the second theme. The fascists trotted out their Uncle Tom Division—the chump Herschel Walker (who jumped at the chance to be on TV again to claim Trump is not a racist), the opportunist lowlifes Nikki Haley and Tim Scott whose tongues are long enough to lap up anything if it will advance their careers, and some other assorted fools who sell their souls to the highest bidder to claim that Trump is actually the great friend and upholder of Black people.   

Meanwhile, Trump, the supposed “anti-racist,” campaigns on segregating suburbia, crushing dissent, and unleashing the police to a whole other level, as well as his programs of forced pregnancy and childbearing for women and back-in-the-closet for LGBTQ, the destruction of the environment, unchecked aggression, and instituting a program in the ghettos and barrios that will make the last 40 years of mass incarceration pale in comparison.



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