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Washington D.C. in front of the White House on election night. Photo:

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A Statement from the Editorial Board of on November 14, 2020

The election is over. Biden won. Trump lost. Now he and his fascist regime need to go. Trump, awash in his bitter fascist delusion, has not conceded. Pence, Barr, Pompeo play a preposterous yet deadly game with their hands on the levers of power talking of a “smooth transition to a second Trump term.”

This is not a game, but dangerous. Blocking the transition to Biden has real cost in lives: in COVID deaths and in international dimensions. Refusing to concede, to peacefully transfer power IS fascist. Whipping up their followers behind the lie of an election fraud is as dangerous as it is absurd.

The people won a righteous victory over Trump. A weight lifted from our shoulders, we danced and celebrated with good reason. These fascist charlatans must continue to feel the heat of our righteous demand that they must goEvery move they make to illegitimately hold on to power and overturn the election must be met by our side standing up—in the streets—defiantly with justice and an electoral victory behind us to say: NO! Trump/Pence OUT NOW!

After all that the people went through to win this election: voter suppression, intimidation, lies, innuendos, robo-calls, standing for hours in line risking COVID infection, we must not cede any ground to Trump’s bogus yet damaging claims. We have pledged to the people of the world: In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE TO ACCEPT A FASCIST AMERICA. TRUMP AND PENCE MUST GO!

We recognize that even beyond their moves to overturn the election, this regime still poses grave danger to humanity. They have put flunky loyalists to Trump atop the Defense Department. They have blocked information on COVID to the Biden transition. Trump’s rabid MAGA base must continue to feel deflated, demoralized, and unable to unleash their white supremacist fury on society. It is on us to turn our celebration of their defeat into our determination to not allow them to dominate the public space or public discourse. Their time IS, and must be, over.

Going forward from today we must be organized and we must mobilize so that every move they make to delegitimize, to overturn this election is strongly opposed. We must not—as some of our progressive friends say, move on. Not now. It is the fascists in power who must be compelled to move on.

Get connected with—get linked up via text message by going to, clicking “sign up” and filling out the form. Go to to see latest developments and our calls to action. Over the next weeks we will be holding forums to dig more deeply into the roots of the fascism that has grown and hardened over the past four years, and is still with us as tens of millions voted for Trump. We will sponsor cultural events online to raise our sights to build on the victory won. We will continue to sound the alarm. If you, if we, are not OK with the white supremacy, xenophobia, patriarchy of this fascism and with every move they make to stay in power and advance their hateful movement and vicious program, join us. Stay vigilant and mobilized and take the streets! ¡Adelante! TRUMP/PENCE OUTNOW!


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Washington D.C. protesters righteously stood up to the fascist thugs who had gathered for the “Million MAGA March” in a Trump-supported action described by's Sunsara Taylor as “an outrageous and illegitimate attempt to overturn the election.”

As soon as these courageous protesters began non-violently gathering shortly after 11:30 am near Freedom Plaza, they were set upon by misogynist MAGA goons. Sunsara Taylor told the Guardian, Trump‘s “mob of supporters descended on us as soon as we set off. They assaulted some of us. They grabbed. They shoved. Every single person had hands put on them by multiple MAGA meatheads, but we held it together. We marched together.” They chanted: “Trump pack your shit! You're illegitimate!”

The people won a victory when Trump lost and Biden won. In the midst of MAGA thugs, Refuse Fascism's banner is raised high for the people of the world.

In the early hours of November 14 in DC, the anti-people fence in front of the White House displayed a giant banner, along with numerous other "eviction notices." Photo: @nukestrat


Los Angeles

Marching through the streets of LA: Trump/Pence Out Now!

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