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Hey RNL Community,

We are proud to be co-sponsoring an important panel on December 16 with!  

The panel is titled: COVID: A Case Study with Life & Death Stakes: Science, Epistemology, Conspiracy & Fascism.

The panel features: 

*Coco Das—Member of the National Editorial Board of Refuse Fascism 

*Dr. Phil Rice—Emergency Medicine Physician, Salem, Massachusetts 

*Paul Street—Historian and Writer, Author of Hollow Resistance: Obama, Trump, and the Politics of Appeasement, National Editorial Board Refuse Fascism

*Andy Zee--Host of The RNL Show and Co-initiator of

This is the third in a series of panels that we have been co-sponsoring alongside the organization So if you missed the others or if you want to re-watch any of them, check out the “Featured” playlist on the channel. 

This week we will NOT be uploading a new episode of The RNL Show, which we usually air on Thursdays (5pm PST / 8pm EST). We will have more updates on the show in the future, so stay tuned for that. We encourage all our viewers to watch the panel tonight and keep up with these discussions that we have been co-sponsoring, share them with your friends, family, and co-workers and dig deep with us! 

Now to go back to the panel today: Over 300,000 people have died in this country from COVID-19. This poses huge questions to everyone who wants to fight for and see a better world.The people on the Refuse Fascism-RNL Show panel will get into many of these questions. Crucial among these questions has to do with the society-wide struggle for truth, science, and an evidence-based epistemology. (Epistemology refers to a theory of knowledge, to an understanding of how people acquire knowledge, what is the nature of truth and how people come to know the truth.)

Remember in Episode 36, the excerpt from Bob Avakian’s dialogue with Cornel West where BA talks about what science and the scientific method are and why they matter? Refresh your memory and keep this in mind as you are following these panels & take some time this week as well to watch or catch up with other RNL Episodes, RNL Shorts, RNL Interviews, and Bob Avakian speeches and videos.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think!  

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