January 9: Now Is the Time to Act TRUMP OUT NOW!
In the Name of Humanity, We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America



Trump Must GO NOW! In the wake of Trump’s failed fascist coup, we who have been outraged for four years at the Trump/Pence regime and all it has done, need to take to the streets Saturday, January 9. NOW is the moment – as calls ricochet through Congress to impeach Trump because of what he has done and the danger he poses – to put our bodies in the streets. Even before articles of impeachment have been filed, powerful voices – including among the Democrats – are arguing against it, saying that impeachment will undermine Biden’s ability to “reach across the aisle.” NO! This is the logic that got us to what we saw on Wednesday.

The time for silence and passivity is over! Decent people everywhere must stand up and demand: Trump/Pence Out Now!

We demand Trump’s immediate removal to stop the tremendous harm he can do in the next 12 days. We demand this now as part of building the strength of our side for the fight still ahead to decisively defeat this fascism that has been allowed to fester and spew forth.

Trump’s coup attempt did not succeed this time. But the danger from even a failed coup is to be taken seriously, setting the stage for them to come back sooner or later to re-seize power – with or without Trump. It leaves a bloc of elected officials who view and act as if the Biden administration is illegitimate and an armed street-fighting force “on call.” They will continue to fight for their white supremacist, xenophobic, and patriarchal program. They will continue to undermine the very concept of truth – leaving tens of millions to be susceptible to the calls of demagogues and the vilest conspiracy theories

The question is: will the “decent people” make clear our determination and act to stop this fascist danger? A united, public repudiation of Trump and his regime’s fascist program – through non-violent, sustained protest and resistance – has been overdue for years.

Now is the Time to Act
No to a Fascist Coup!

In the Name of Humanity, We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America


Watch the press conference.
Read the remarks.
Hear from: Coco Das, writer, Refuse Fascism Editorial Board; Andy Zee, co‑initiator of and host of The RNL – Revolution Nothing Less – ShowLilly Wachowski, filmmaker; Rosanna Arquette, actress and activist; Cornel West, author, activist, scholar; Rev. William H. Lamar IV, pastor of Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church in Washington, DC; Arturo O’Farrill, musician; Ruchira Gupta, Indian journalist and activist; Steve Hofstetter, stand-up comedian; Jodie Sweetin, actress and activist.



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