Statement from OSYAN/REVOLT on the Occasion of March 8: International Women’s Day



In Iran, after the people’s uprising in December 2017, and especially after the massive rebellion in November 2019, repression has become more widespread and more severe.  Among those targeted by the Islamic regime are women activists, especially those who worked for women’s rights. In large part those are the ones being arrested and are now many of the political prisoners.  Based on the names, places and prison sentences of those arrested, it can be seen that this repression covers all areas of political, cultural and intellectual activities and different localities in Iran. It encompasses environmentalists to labor and women’s rights activists, from oppressed nationalities to religious minorities—from the cities and regions of Tehran and Karaj to Kurdistan, Ahvaz and Azerbaijan ... and from the Fars to the minority people of the Kurds, the Arabs, to the Baluchis, etc.  This is not only the continuation of the permanent repression of the Islamic Republic, but also the beginning of a new round of repression.  And in fact, it is a testimony to the battle between the regime and the people.  The regime aims to restore its lost stability in their current fragile hold on Iranian society.

In Afghanistan, women activists who fight for civil and political rights are assassinated or their character is attacked. These assassinations are carried out to pave the way for the return to power of the Taliban, which is planned by the United States and is being implemented by Afghan politicians.

The Islamic Republic of Iran not only suppresses the people outside the prison or just by imprisoning them. Inside the prisons, the repression continues and is even harsher based on the religious fundamentalist ideology and laws of the Islamic Republic. The hijab is mandatory for every woman on the street.  And this compulsory covering of women by the regime’s morality police is even imposed on the posting of virtual images and photos online!  It becomes more concentrated in prison where every female prisoner must wear a chador.

The use of physical obscenities, the sexual harassment of female prisoners, the pressure on detainees to undergo virginity tests—these are all specific forms of oppression of women that are widely enforced and are all particular aspects of the Islamic Republic's misogynistic ideology.  The regime also maintains its anti-women ideological basis by exerting maximum repression on militant, radical or revolutionary women.  As the inability of the Islamic Republic to solve the problems of the society increases, so does its repression and its misogynistic theocratic oppressive framework widen.

 On March 8, we call on all progressive movements, both in Iran and around the world who are fighting against patriarchy, racism and fascism, religious fundamentalism, environmental destruction, poverty, national oppression, political repression and imperialist wars to unite with all those who are standing up in Iran.  We call on everyone who is opposed to any form of  oppression under the capitalist system to unite around the demand for freedom for all Iran’s political prisoners. Today's political prisoners are freedom fighters of our society.  If we do not unite against the repression of the Islamic Republic, we will have fewer freedom fighters every day, which means that oppression, ignorance and repression will prevail over society.  

At the same time, women’s liberation and putting a stop to the oppression of women which is a global issue, can and should be a unifying factor in linking women's movements around the world. Those of us who have more ability and possibility should raise our voices as loud as we can to unite on March 8 against patriarchal, repressive and oppressive governments. The liberation of women also makes possible the struggle to free all humanity.

Free All Political Prisoners in Iran NOW!

Stop the Suppression and Segregation of Women!

For Women’s Freedom and for the Freedom of All Humanity!

Statement by Osyan/Revolt for March 8, International Women's Day 2021 

**Osyan/Revolt is the voice of women's rebellion to express the determination and to serve their struggle against the Islamic Republic

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This video is from Osyan, in collaboration with revolutionary artist Shekib Mosadeq, who rewrote the words of the international anti-rape anthem (English captions on the video) to give it a revolutionary thrust/content. It was performed at a protest in front of the Iranian consulate in Hamburg, Germany last year.




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