From a Prisoner:

Using Bob Avakian's New Year's Statement to Educate Other Prisoners



Revolutionary Greetings Comrades.

I am writing to notify you that I have received the New Year’s statement from you. Thank you for sending me a copy. While we remain on lockdown, except for work, we have begun to pass it around to those we can; and to discuss its contents while on our lunchbreak at work.

The statement itself has become an instrument we are using to educate individuals. It has proven to be very enlightening to some. Recently I gave it to a “Progressive” friend that I have engaged with for a couple months now about why progressive ideals are dangerous, and why communist revolution guided by the new synthesis is the only real option. After reading the pamphlet, this friend decided to write to PRLF! He was a political writer and has worked on democratic campaigns. After reading the New Year’s statement, he has embraced the struggle!!

What I have found to be most importantly highlighted in the statement is the topic of how there can be no “reconciliation”. I have continuously stressed to people that one of the key reasons why revolution is required is that it is impossible to work within the system to change the system. A key factor in this issue is that both republicans and democrats are agents of the Capitalist-imperialist Structure, and irregardless of words, they do not truly wish reconciliation. And even should they want it, reconciliation is impossible within the system. Those who truly want change can only find it in the new synthesis of communism, and only after a revolution guided by this political line!

All of the study group comrades here appreciate you for sending us materials.

In struggle,




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