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An Important Follow-Up to “In Light of the Allegations of Sexual Harassment Against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: Some Points of Basic Principle”



Letter from a reader

I appreciated the article “In Light of the Allegations of Sexual Harassment Against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: Some Points of Basic Principle,” that appeared on on March 15, 2021, as these are correct and important.

Even though Cuomo is a bourgeois politician and functionary of this oppressive capitalist-imperialist system, there are important matters of principle involved in the move to remove him from office, and these principles have much broader application and importance in terms of what kind of relations among people, and what kind of society overall, we should want to have and be striving for.

It also struck me that while not ignoring, or underestimating, the importance of the questions that are immediately at issue—specifically accusations of sexual harassment and assault against women—when a powerful ruling class figure like Cuomo comes under attack in this way, along with the correct approach to evaluating the accusations, people should look beneath the surface (and “behind the screen”) to explore whether there are additional political factors and motivations involved, including contradictions and struggles among ruling class representatives of this system, and what is the content as well as the context of such conflicts within the ruling class (if, in fact, they are involved in this).

To put it simply: Who might be behind this, what might their objectives be, what do they hope to gain? How is this influencing people who are not part of the ruling class? And, very importantly, how should the interests of the masses of people—in contrast to those of the ruling class and the system it enforces—be understood, and acted upon, in relation to this particular situation and, fundamentally, in terms of the need for revolution to overthrow this whole system and bring a radically different and much better system into being?

These are important questions for people to critically think about in relation to such developments.



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