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Episode 54 of The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less—Show!

1 Year Since Police Killed George Floyd; 100 Years Since the Tulsa Massacre; Now: Organize for Revolution!


It's been one year since police murdered George Floyd. It's been 100 years since the Tulsa Massacre and Destruction of Black Wall Street. No More! Now is the time to join with the Revcoms in organizing for REVOLUTION, NOTHING LESS!

In Episode 54 of the RNL – Revolution, Nothing Less – Show:

** Bob Avakian speaks searingly to why it is impossible to abolish white supremacy without overthrowing and abolishing capitalism-imperialism and summons us to revolution to make this real in an excerpt from his film, Why We Need an Actual Revolution and How We Can Really Make Revolution.

** Andy Zee takes you to a press conference by the Revolution Club at a hated Sheriff station in South Central Los Angeles announcing a march being called by the Revcoms on June 12 to “Show the World: We Are Getting Organized Now For REVOLUTION, NOTHING LESS!” and to declare: “WE ARE FIGHTING TO EMANCIPATE ALL HUMANITY – For a World Free of All Oppression and Exploitation. No More Antagonistic Divisions Among the People. THIS SYSTEM CANNOT BE REFORMED—IT MUST BE OVERTHROWN!”

Featuring interviews with Noche Diaz, national spokesperson for the Revolution Club, and Michelle Xai of the Los Angeles Revolution Club.

** Sunsara Taylor discusses the real lessons of the one year since the police murder of George Floyd and the beautiful rising that brought together people of all races and genders across this country and around the world and how this revealed the potential for a real revolution.

** American Crime #12: THE TULSA MASSACRE AND DESTRUCTION OF BLACK WALLSTREET. A powerful short video documentary created by filmmaker David Zeiger for The RNL Show exposing the largest white racist massacre of Black people in U.S. history. This segment was produced in 2020 when Trump went to speak in Tulsa on Juneteenth and is being re-broadcast now on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre.

For more on this American Crime, go here.


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