Letter from a Revolution Club member:

“People like the idea of getting rid of this system for good”
Organizing at the workplace—for Revolution

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Editors’ Note: This text was received from someone who works 24/7 in very hard conditions, but is part of the Revolution, and we thought it important to share with readers:

Morning... I'm not going to make it out today...

I've been talking to more people on this side of town about the March and turning them on to the revcom.us website... Seems like people like the idea of getting rid of this system for good...

This one guy I talked to from the bus stop to his destination said that when I talked he could see what I'm saying... People need that visual conversation... One person from work wants to join the Revolution Club and a few more have the website and one brother said he's read many books by BA... He also told me that the book I've been reading [Democracy: Can’t We Do Better Than That? by Bob Avakian] was a damn good read... I feel that West Siders are not getting this information...



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