Michael Slate Interviews Bob Avakian

On Communism, the Cultural Revolution in China...and Carrying Forward the Revolution Toward Communism

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We are reposting two parts of an interview with Bob Avakian, conducted in 2004. They originally aired on Michael Slate’s Beneath the Surface show on KPFK radio in Los Angeles in 2005. In publishing these here, some editing has been done, particularly for clarity. In some places brief explanatory passages have been added within brackets. Subheads have also been added.


On Leadership

Bob Avakian responds to the following questions: 1) Isn’t it dangerous to invest so much into an individual leader? 2) The question of Stalin.

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Bob Avakian on China, the Cultural Revolution, Art, and Dissent

Contradictions, and Challenges, of the Socialist Road in China, Breaking With, Going Beyond the Soviet Model, Revolution, Leadership, State Power, the Goal of Communism, and the Importance of Dissent and Ferment—Solid Core and Elasticity

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