The Murder of Nipsey Hussle: Analysis… Experience… and the Need for Transformation



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The killing of Nipsey Hussle in front of his clothing store two weeks ago in Los Angeles has set off an extraordinary outpouring. His murder concentrated the outrage and pain that so many of the oppressed bear, seeing their loved ones cut down by violence—whether carried out by the police or by the oppressed acting against each other. What heightened it further was that Nipsey Hussle was someone who was seen by people as having “made it,” but had not left where he came from and was trying, by his own lights, to “give back.”

People very broadly have been wrangling with the meaning of his death and life. The National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour and the LA Revolution Club have been out with Revolution in the thick of this, listening to and struggling with people. For many among the masses—for most—the grief has been mixed with a sort of acceptance that the basic and bitter facts of life for most of the oppressed will never fundamentally change. Of those drawn to change, most spontaneously seek out roads rooted in the system that gives rise to the very conditions that kill thousands of Nipseys a year. This has been strongly reinforced by the likes of Louis Farrakhan and Barack Obama, who spoke at the funeral or sent messages. But for a critical minority, the struggle waged by the Revolution Club over the source of the problem (capitalism-imperialism) and the solution (revolution) provoked engagement. In a few cases, people were looking for this; in more cases, it took struggle. The fact is this: people need what only the revolution can bring to them.

Thursday, the day of his funeral, witnessed thousands packing the downtown venue where it was held and thousands more in the streets all along the way. In the days before and since, there’s been a more or less constant scene at Crenshaw and Slauson, the corner where Nipsey Hussle was killed. And this has continued to simmer throughout the city as we’re collectively and scientifically sorting through all this ourselves. We’re including below a statement from the Revolution Club released the day before Nipsey's funeral; two reports giving different perspectives from members of the National Revolution Tour; an earlier article written by Joe Veale; and a short poem.


REVCOM.US received this flyer from the Revolution Club, Los Angeles and the National Revolution Tour. Thousands of these flyers have been distributed at the Nipsey Hussle Celebration of Life at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on April 11, 2019, and since then.

Revolution Club, Los Angeles and the National Revolution Tour

People are hurting over the outrageous murder of Nipsey Hussle. One more Black young man full of promise so painfully gunned down by another Black person. We are mourning – we need to mourn – the outrage of this murder. And we also need to ask these two hard questions:

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Reflections on Taking the Revolution to the Nipsey Hussle Memorial

from a member of the National Revolution Tour

There was a lot of openness to the full title of Joe Veale’s article, “To All Those Who Grieve for Nipsey Hussle... and Want a Better World.” People would run up to us and grab the article after hearing the title, based on both that it had something to do with Nipsey AND the truly yearning for a better world. This was real among thousands, I would say, wanting to know who we were and what this was about.

National Revolution Tour at the Nipsey Hussle Memorial

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Dispatch from a National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour member:

Thousands of People Pour Out for the Nipsey Hussle Memorial—Revolution Takes to Staples Center with the Way Out

People in LA have been playing the music of Nipsey Hussle. People have been out day after day to mourn over Nipsey, coming from as far as out of state even or selling their game consoles to travel down from Northern California. Cars cruised slowly down the street blasting Nipsey’s songs as the bass from the music rattled from the trunks of cars. Bluetooth speakers at the hips of people play the anguish and the joy people are feeling. Motorcycles doing wheelies and blowing smoke from their tires as they rumble fast past where Nipsey bought out an entire plaza on the corner of Crenshaw and Slauson, a historic intersection that dates back to ’92, the last time this many masses of Black people and many different kinds of people, came together to unite over another act of injustice from an unjust system.

National Revolution Tour at the Nipsey Hussle Memorial

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To All Those Who Grieve for Nipsey Hussle… and Want a Better World

By Joe Veale, Revolution Club

People are hurting, deeply, over the senseless killing of Nipsey Hussle. They talk about the way he wanted something better for the people and then got senselessly gunned down.

But what killed Nipsey Hussle?

Whoever pulled the trigger, Nipsey Hussle was killed by the system....

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Which Road After Nipsey?

NO to reconciling to an unjust fate...
NO to revenge: don’t take the system’s bait
YES to revolution—a whole new state
Overthrow the system: EMANCIPATE!



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