Opening Remarks to the June 9 Workshops

You don't yet realize the significance of what we have begun…



On Sunday, June 9, the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour held a day of workshops, as a part of a weekend of Revolution, to introduce those who are just turning their faces towards revolution and others to the science, the leadership, the strategy and the goal of this revolution, followed by organizing workshops on how to organize a Revolution Club and developing the necessary vibrant digital web presence for the revolution.

The day began with an informal introduction by Andy Zee, spokesperson for Revolution Books. This introduction began with a playing of the video of the song “Que Queremos” by the band Outernational. This was followed by a short video clip of the march to the 77th Division of the LAPD. Clips of both are posted below.

These remarks captured what was begun with Saturday’s march, and introduced people to the great strength of the revolution in the leadership of Bob Avakian. The audio, made by someone in the audience, begins about a minute into the talk. Andy began by asking the audience to reflect on what they had done the day before and recognize that we don’t yet realize the significance of what we had done.... 

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