The RNL Show Special Episode: An Introduction to Bob Avakian’s New Year’s Statement



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The RNL Show presents a special episode on the release of:


A New Year,
The Urgent Need For A Radically New World—
For The Emancipation Of All Humanity

The Revolution, Nothing Less Show

At this critical moment in history, when the fascist Trump has been denied the ability to continue to wield the repressive power of the state to consolidate fascism, and when many have been forced to confront uncomfortable truths about America, The RNL Show is proud to present a special program on the recently released New Year's Statement by Bob Avakian (BA).

Join hosts Andy Zee and Sunsara Taylor as they introduce the new statement from BA and call on everyone to dig deep and engage this important work and BA as a leader. 

This episode will also feature an excerpt from Bob Avakian's 2018 talk Why We Need An ACTUAL Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution, which speaks to what we have and what is still needed to make revolution possible.

We will also feature a compilation video of commentary from participants of the National Revolution Tour and others who have engaged BA's work (and BA as a person), talking about the impact he has had on them and the importance of the leadership he provides.

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