National Revolution Tour Picnic in Los Angeles

Breaking Bread and Digging Into Revolution



Over 50 people gathered on Sunday, April 28, in Hoover Recreation Center in Los Angeles to meet, eat, and get deeper into the revolution. This revolutionary picnic was called by the National Get Organized For An Actual Revolution Tour and the Revolution Club of LA. The picnic capped 10 days of taking out the revolution to the neighborhoods and campuses of the LA area, as well as to a clash with fascists in nearby Orange County. 

The Tour is in LA as the first stop on a yearlong effort to bring forward thousands as a force for revolution.  The idea is that such a force at this time could impact everything and everyone with the idea of revolution, and move things significantly forward toward actually making revolution. The Tour had been organizing people to go out with revolution, straight up, and to broadly spread the Points of Attention for the Revolution, or POAs.  The POAs let everyone know in a basic way what the revolution is about. 

Several dozen people in the week beforehand, new to the revolution, began to get into the POAs and in different ways called on others to do so. The picnic would mark a way to bring this together, and then go further.

Reading the Points of Attention at the picnic

People got acquainted at the nine or ten picnic tables around the stage. Then the program began. We played an audio message that Bob Avakian, the leader of the revolution, made several years ago.  It still rang deep, timely and true, and it captured the audience. Noche Diaz, from the National Tour, gave a short, gripping talk on the need for revolution and the strategy brought forward by Bob Avakian, (BA).  Different people who had just come into the revolution gave testimonials to the Points of Attention, and statements of support were on display. A basic plan for the next month was laid out for people to get into and wrangle with.  (See elsewhere on this page for the talks, statements, etc.) 

While sharing food, people got into deep talks about what they had heard, and what they thought, for hours.

People then broke for barbecue, vegan food, fried chicken, potato salad, banana pudding and more.   Almost all the food had either been donated from restaurants or made by people newly coming into the movement for revolution. People got into deep talks about what they had heard, and what they thought, for hours. There was struggle, and there was unity, deepened, on going forward together.

The movement for revolution has been doing a new kind of work these past few weeks. The National Tour and the Revolution Club had much more consciously and consistently applied Bob Avakian’s method of revolutionary work, “enriched what-is-to-be-doneism.” This means:

  • going to people straight up with the need for revolution and the basic choice that faces everyone of living with this madness, or making revolution;
  • letting people know that we have the science, strategy and leadership for an actual revolution and giving them the ways to get into those tremendous strengths;
  • on that basis, honestly putting the problems of the revolution before them (that we have these strengths, but we don't have the people yet);
  • and then involving them in helping to solve those problems. 

The Sunday picnic represented a significant step in this process. Members of the Tour and the LA Club gathered a few nights later to draw the lessons out of what had been done. The point now is to work with people to further develop and carry through the plan, involving more people in spreading the word, making an impact, and on that basis involving still more. Stay tuned to this site next week for more on what people are learning, and doing, in this strategic plan to bring forward thousands of people to the revolution in the next year or so.




"This is Bob Avakian, Chairman of the
Revolutionary Communist Party, with a New Year's message—A Call To REVOLUTION..."

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Noche Diaz, from the Revolution National Tour, on the need for revolution and the strategy brought forward by Bob Avakian.

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