Joey Johnson Released—Felony Charges Never Filed



5 July 2019 For immediate release
Gregory "Joey" Johnson available for interviews
Also available: Noche Diaz, Carl Dix
Contact: Larry Everest 202 556 3906

Friday afternoon notorious flagburner Gregory "Joey" Johnson and another revolutionary were released from central lock-up in Washington DC. They had been taken into police custody after Johnson had burned two American flags in front of the White House on July 4th under the slogan “Imagine A World Without America.”

"I'm really proud of what the Revolution Club and others did, right in front of the White House and in the face of fascist Trump's display of military might!" Johnson said upon his release. "We stood with the 7 billion people of the world and projected the positive vision of a world without America and its "barbarism and hypocrisy," as Frederick Douglass put it, and the leadership to get there in Bob Avakian!"

At their arraignment in a DC court, they learned that the charges of felony assault on an officer and malicious burning, which the Secret Service had publicly claimed Johnson carried out, were never filed in court. In reality, it had been fascist Trump supporters and police who had assaulted Johnson and the revolutionaries in a failed attempt to prevent them from carrying out their act of Constitutionally protected speech, a right Johnson himself had established before the Supreme Court in 1989.

Johnson was arraigned on two counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct. He states he's innocent of these unjust charges and will fight them in court. No charges at all were filed against the other revolutionary taken into custody and held overnight with Mr. Johnson.

"July 4 was a tale of three futures. One was Donald Trump—not only braying about the so-called greatness of America, but fetishizing the military hardware and troops of this empire that daily kills people all over this planet and calling on people to sign up for the slaughter," reported. "A second was the Democrats—with no answer to the fascist militarism of Trump other than petty carping from a shared framework of support for empire. And the third was seen in the flames of the burning American flags in full view of the White House, under the slogan “Imagine a World Without America.”

"July 4th—Notorious Flag Burner Joey Johnson Attacked and Arrested-IN THE FACE OF MEIN TRUMPF’S MILITARIST ORGY THE BURNING FLAGS LIGHT UP A DIFFERENT FUTURE,", July 5, 2019

July 4—In the face of Mein Trumpf's militarist orgy the burning flags light up a different future

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