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On the Murders in El Paso and the Hateful White Supremacist Offensive: What Are You Going to Do Now?



On Saturday a man who claimed that Latino people are “invading” the US murdered 22 Latino people in El Paso, Texas.  The week before another man opened fire at a festival in the town of Gilroy, CA, on a crowd of mainly Latino people, killing 3.  And this follows mass murders in Jewish synagogues, that targeted them for supporting these so-called “invaders.”

This lie of invasion totally turns history upside down: it is the US, after all, that stole the land from the Native people who lived here and waged war on Mexico to seize the area of California to Texas – in order to expand slavery into new areas.

There is a straight line from that ugly history to today.  Right now, the president of the US continually defames, slanders and threatens Latino people, Black people, immigrants, and Muslims.  This white supremacist agitation is whipping people up for a race war, a civil war to “make America white again.”  Trump can talk out of two sides of his mouth all he wants, but everyone knows his real message.  This is FASCISM, pure and simple, and this is a fascist regime in the White House trying, and succeeding, in actually locking in a fascist America.

The question is, WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? Are you on the side of white supremacy and fascism? Or are you on the side of ending this oppression?

The rot and horror we now see is a concentration of this system, a system that must be OVERTHROWN, through mass revolution.  We are recruiting for that revolution right now, to move forward the time when we can get rid of this. You need to check out the National Revolution Tour and get with this revolution.  And we are supporting the movement to unite millions right now to drive out this fascist regime with massive, sustained, nonviolent resistance, as called for by Refuse Fascism.

Finally, the problem brought into sharp relief by the massacre in El Paso is not one that can be solved by “gun control.”  The problem is this imperialist system, the white supremacy it cannot do without, and too many guns in the hands of those working to install fascism in America.

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