I’m Excited to See the National Tour Go Because I’ve Seen the Potential in the Scientific Method BA Talks About

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From a member of the National Revolution Tour and the Chicago Revolution Club

The National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour heads off to New York for the next leg so in thinking not only about my reflections but also lessons learned and advances we collectively made and still have to make going forward.

I want to start off by saying that the Tour being In Chicago has had a Major Impact on me. Deepening my level of understanding not only in the (Why We Need A Revolution) but how crucially important everything that we’re doing now in Hastening While Awaiting is to building this Revolution. Stepping up my level of commitment not in the amount of time I spent with the tour or the club but... What will my life be about... what it means to be a member of the Revolution club and Represent For the 6 POA’s and the “BAsics 5:3” quote on the “Point of Principle.” Fighting for and committing to that.

I’m thinking about how the Tour first started off “July 13, Chicago Get Ready,” the March to protest at the ICE Detention Facilities, all the way through the whole Chicago leg and the impact of the Tour here. With the concentration and struggle in Hyde Park, Down Town and the Westside and not just going out but coming back summing up to make a further advance, to actually break through on the Mission of the Tour to bring forward the thousands needed to step into the revolution. Now while the Tour didn’t accomplish all of its goals here, I do feel like there is a lot I learned. The importance of the website and social media in the people seeing and staying connected with the Clubs and the National Tour, it also gives people ways to engage BA, the leader of this revolution. And Fundraising. I mean we’re talking about people from all over the country on the National Revolution Tour, leaving school, home, family and dedicating themselves to revolution and the mission of the tour, and the funds that ARE needed for transportation, for housing, for food and for materials to get this Revolution and Bob Avakian everywhere it needs to be as an alternative force in society. To contend with these dead-end “solutions” and illusions of painless progress, that has people unwillingly going along with his system because they don’t see anything else possible underneath this system.

I felt a transformation during this whole process. It really was an amazing experience to be a part of a team of Scientists going to work on the problems of the Revolution. With a “Critical Mass” of Revolutionaries and Revolutionary Leaders, to bring forward the thousands, to be a pole of attraction and an alternative force in society and proceeding from a Scientific basis and impacting the terrain.

During the week of the (School/Science Camp) seeing the potential in the masses, after getting into Bob Avakian’s work and applying BAsics 3:30 to what happened in El Paso and with these white supremacist attacks the sense of impact, accumulate taking over Lake Shore Drive impact more, accumulate more at the Bud Billiken a few days later and with the message (there’s a whole better way that the world can be). Then building for the major film showing with those 3 reasons why you need to come see this film, “There never been a leader like this before, Getting into these two questions, why we need an actual Revolution and how we can really make Revolution with the National Revolution Tour and learn how YOU can take Part in the revolution.”

At the theater how people got to meet Bob Avakian on film for the first time, on the big screen, I myself I thought that was an experience way different than watching at the organizing Center, it definitely felt special. The rich discussion afterwards, people wrangling with their thoughts and hesitations.

From a Welcome dinner, to a send off sidewalk party where people really got a sense of what it means to be “Future People”... a lot has happened in just the short time that the Tour has been in Chicago. I feel like we’ve made some qualitative advances and many people have stepped forward and many others are thinking about revolution but don’t know about Bob Avakian.

I remember saying that I was excited to see the Tour go but didn’t say why... I’m excited because I’ve seen potential in what it looks like to apply the scientific method and approach that BA talks about, and all the other advances that were made being applied with the scientific certitude, developing revolutionary leaders not only leading but in that process bringing people into that process to work on the problems of the revolution. And that it’s up to us not just the us now, but everyone just stepping forward, with POA 4 to not only to see the potential of the most oppressed who are hit the hardest under this system to emancipate Humanity and challenging the complacency, to cohere, organize and retain those that are looking toward revolution, stepping and do want to put an end to any one of those 5 Stops and the outrageous system that causes them, and that want to represent for those 6 Points of Attention for the Revolution and the future for Humanity.

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