Facing Down 22,000 Heavily Armed, Mostly MAGA Fanatics
The Revolution Tour Represents for a Radically Different Future

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On January 20, members of the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour traveled to Richmond, Virginia, and staged the only protest of the day right up in the face of some 22,000 heavily armed, heavily white supremacist, overwhelmingly MAGA-supporting, “gun rights” rally.

From the second they entered the “rally,” the multinational members of the Revolution Tour were accosted with racist comments. Racists at the rally loudly commented that it “smells like fried chicken” as Black Tour members walked through. Other militia-types “joked” about how their automatic weapons were like “bug spray” they couldn’t wait to use to “exterminate the roaches,” clearly referring to immigrants and others they deemed “undesirable.” Donald Trump tweeted out his support for the rally, and the rally-goers frequently returned the love, chanting, “Trump 2020” and “USA! USA!” Anyone who told themselves this was just a “gun rights” rally was deluding themselves. Calling this a gun rights rally is like calling a lynch mob a bunch of “rope enthusiasts.” Not every single person at the protest was a self-conscious white supremacist. But that is what dominated the rally and it is what everyone in the crowd was objectively giving backing to.

In the middle of all this, Carl Dix and other members of the Revolution Tour unfurled four powerful banners, reading, “No White Supremacy!” “Trump/Pence #OUTNOW!” “A Better World Is Possible!” and “Revolution, Nothing Less!” They chanted each slogan together and then Carl Dix and Lucha Bright delivered a powerful message to the world, denouncing the fascism on display and calling people at home to find their courage and stand up to this nightmare, and to turn their faces towards real revolution to get rid of the system that cannot do away with white supremacy and misogyny. They cited the powerful statement made by the revolutionary leader, Bob Avakian, on how there is a “direct line from the Confederacy to the fascists of today” and calling on everyone who is sick of and opposed to this white supremacy and misogyny to get into the leadership and strategy Avakian has forged to make a real revolution and get humanity free.

A young woman who joined the Revolution Tour for the protest and had never been a part of anything like this before described the experience as giving her hope beyond anything she’d experienced before. Another young woman who is a seasoned member of the Revolution Tour said her fear melted away once they began their protest because, by standing up, they were modeling a different future and making it closer by actively fighting for it. A small number of anti-gun protesters held a vigil after the fascists had cleared out of the state capitol which got covered in the media, but it is a crying shame more people did not stand up right in the face of this. It is precious and must be more widely known that there is one force that took responsibility for going right in its midst and calling it out for what it truly was and representing for a whole different world: The Revolution Tour.

January 20: The Revolution Tour & Carl Dix OPPOSE the fascist rally in Richmond.

The direct line from the Confederacy to the fascists of today

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