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The following is a statement from a donor to The National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour

I am making a $1,000.00 matching fund challenge for the coming tour, a critical phase in the organizing for an actual revolution. So how did a scientist choose to support this tour from amidst the myriad of organizations out there dedicated to ending the atrocity that is the present state of the world? I came out of the university in the middle of the Vietnam War, ignorant of the state of the world having spent all of my time studying Physics, and realized that individuals had a duty to find out what is going on and how they can become responsible citizens of the world. To my horror, I discovered. the endless menagerie of useless wars of mass slaughter infesting the world, the environmental catastrophes emerging everywhere, the global nuclear war continuously threatening human extinction, the infestations of crime and corruption endemic, the brutality against women and minorities unstoppable, the rise of Fascism, and so on. First, I glommed onto "all we had to do is inform ourselves and vote." Later I discovered that the major political parties were essentially the same, that is in deeds rather than differing rhetoric, and that voting for alternative parties is futile, because the electoral rules and corporate media stifled and corrupted them. I then glommed onto over- population as the basic problem, but that led to nothing. Problems in population were the effects of problems far deeper than the need for birth control. Then I figured my education and interests would make my best contribution to be on the energy and desert committees of a big environmental organization. But all the committees’ great technological ideas were sabotaged by the affected corporations.

So, the problem is the corporations, that is, capitalism and its ruling- class of ultra-rich! I read up on Marxist philosophy. To my surprise, Marxism is not philosophy at all, it is science, science applied to politics, history, and economics. Dialectical Materialism is the iteration between theory and experiment (practice), that is, science, to discover an aspect of reality. I joined various social-democratic movements. They led nowhere, stifled and corrupted by the rules and power of the capitalist ruling-class. Obviously the only viable solution became people’s revolution. I looked at various Socialist and Communist Parties. They all were stuck in some obsolete, disproven strategies and were largely defunct. They used philosophy (only theory) rather than science (verification of theories through practice). They ignored the vast "experimental" evidence accumulated over a century and a half of attempting or making revolution, and stuck to their philosophies (theory only) that their logical deductions are obviously correct, that other philosophies are obviously logically flawed. It reminds me of the controversy in Physics over Quantum Mechanics. It is "obviously" wrong. It makes no sense. But it gives correct "experimental" (practice) results, whereas the "sensible" theories of the motion of matter predict incorrect, sometimes nonsensical, results. Classical electrodynamics predicts that atoms and chemistry cannot exist, and that a "particle" cannot have both particle and wave aspects.  Quantum Electrodynamics predicts both, and has been experimentally verified to one part in 1015, that is one part in one million billion, the present limit of experimental apparatus.

The exception to the ossified Socialist and Communist Parties is the Revolutionary Communist Party.   The leader and lead theorist is Bob  Avakian. He has broken out from the old, ossified theories and updated Communism. He has studied the history of all the socialist experience (experiments, that is, practices) to see what worked and what didn’t work. He used that to formulate a new path to a Socialist society, one far more likely to bring about a Socialist revolution and then not allow it to be diverted from the path to the ultimate society of world Communism; and end the horrors and coming catastrophes of the present world, that I and all other aware people are looking for a path to end.   That is why I am donating all of my "charitable" contributions to the Get Organized for an Actual Revolution Tour. It requires lots of money for food, shelter, transportation, bail, materials, and so on for full time revolutionaries, revolution clubs, and supporters. The world is diving into catastrophe rapidly. There is not enough time left to wait until everyone goes through what I went through - a lifetime of inadequate pathways.  Because of this tour, we may be able to save humanity in time.

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