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Thank you to everyone who donated and sent statements.

Here are just some of the people saying why they’re contributing to The National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour.



Watch a compilation of statements from some of the diverse voices who have contributed to the National Revolution Tour:

From a health care professional who is a financial contributor to the National Revolution Tour and

I heard some people were saying “hey, the revolutionaries—the revcoms—are asking poor people to give funds!”—as if that is a bad thing.  Well, people who are poor are not exempt from being part of their own revolution!  

Those who are in desperate need of revolution have to give their heart and soul into the revolution; and give financially too, and even go out to others for funds—because that’s part of organizing for revolution!  Maybe people are surprised by this, or think it’s wrong, don’t want revolution, or haven't yet come to terms with "revolution, nothing less”?

People victimized by imperialism and capitalism and white supremacy are victims of this system more than anyone else.  Let’s look in the religious sphere, how I grew up.  Some unscrupulous ministers benefit from the poor—they make a fortune from the poor.  So let’s not condemn real revolution for asking the poor for funds for this revolution—this isn’t ‘pie in sky,’ this revolution is based on a scientific approach, and this is where revolutions are made.  This is the foundation of the future army of the revolution.  You are not exempt if you have less, because you have more to fight for!  

And, it’s a good thing for scientists, lawyers, teachers and professionals to give to revolution - some may want to give, but, well… BA talks about the “soft middle” in this country—that revolution can be frightening to the middle class.  But we can’t have a revolution with just the poor, there has to be middle class people who more and more support the revolution.  These millions and millions are talked about in the new paper from BA:  


OK, so middle class people can be petrified of the poor—and those who own and control mass media are constantly trying to drive this wedge separating them.  WHY IS THAT?  Because this system does not want people in the middle strata joining with the oppressed!  This system fears the middle strata!  Remember the ‘beautiful uprising’ last year.  All the support from middle class people!  Even right down in the street, including all the people with bottles of water and granola bars to help keep the protests going.  That represents potential. Now those people, and everyone else, have to dig deeper and raise their sights to the revolution.  The song—Which Side Are You On? —should be ringing loud and clear in a good and positive way, because this question is now taking place in America.

From person who donated handmade crafts for premiums:

“Hola a todos, Estoy donando unas piezas de manualidades a la gira de revolución para recaudar fondos. Esta es una manera muy importante para mi de contribuir al movimiento de revolución. Ya que personalmente odio lo que la policia hace contra la gente de color y otros. Odio como el sistema pone a la gente en contra, y el racismo que genera, como las mujeres y personas de diferentes géneros son tratados como menos que seres humanos. Por eso estoy contribuyendo a estos muchachos para que trabajen hacia una revolución y ponerle un fin a este sistema criminal. Yo quiero que haya  igualdad y no racismo. Tenemos que acabar con eso por eso le pido a la gente que pueda contribuir que apoyen a la gira de revolución. Con lo poco o mucho que puedan. Gracias y saludos a todos.” 

Translation: “Hello everyone, I am donating my handmade crafts to the revolution tour to raise funds. This is a really important way for me to contribute to the movement for revolution. I personally hate what the police do to people of color and others. I hate how this system sets people against each other, the racism it generates, how women and people of other sexual orientation are treated as less than human. This is why I am contributing to the work that these young people are doing to make a revolution to put an end to this criminal system. I want equality, not racism. We have to put an end to this. This is why I’m asking people to contribute to the revolution tour with small and large donations. Thank you all.” 

From a retired hospital worker: 

I am donating $1000 as a matching challenge. I'd like to share my thoughts as I considered the amount to donate. Years ago I was hired by a hospital in a job only requiring a high school education. I retired with a fund set up by the hospital whose interest alone gives me much more money than most people in the world make through back-breaking labor. This country would like us to believe that this is due to living in a democratic country that rewards hard work. What utter bullshit. As I have learned, especially through the writings of Bob Avakian, the vast majority of humanity lives in horrendous conditions because this system, along with other capitalist-imperialist countries, feed off the cheap labor of impoverished people put and kept in that condition through endless wars and repression. They give a portion of that blood money to some sections of ordinary people within the home country to buy their allegiance. That is why I can live comfortably with only a high school education and why billions around the world, even many with college degrees, live in squalor. Well, fuck their allegiance. A better world IS possible. That is why I am giving what I can, to help make the revolution necessary to get us to a better, more just world. That is why you should give as much as you can as well.

Owner of a market/carniceria (butcher shop) who donated four slabs of ribs for a fundraising BBQ for the Revolution Tour:

I support this group because I think it's a good cause. You're out there trying to help everyone. I'm very busy but for now, this is how I can participate.

From a Black man in Houston who donated $50:

I give to the revolution because it is the least I can do.  While many have given blood, sweat and tears. Be the change the world needs, not work for profit. Be the prophet of universal unity and we can all be free.

From a Chicago activist for racial justice:

I am donating because I believe that liberty, for those who have been historically marginalized, can only prevail if they are a part of a new revolution that resists fascism and pushes back on negative white social norms.

Statement from a librarian:

I donate and participate in the revolution because I believe the active participants have a positive outlook. It is an innovative, strong group of people working toward a mutual goal. For the betterment of mankind.

Statements from two donors and new sustainers of the National Tour:

We have been long time students of the work of Bob Avakian. He is the only person I know of that has the ability to teach people what the world is about and why we can only make lasting real change and address the four alls [all the chains of oppression and exploitation] for everyone… everyone... Black, Trans, Disabled, Neurodivergent or all of the above. He can connect because he really gets where we are at and the suffering. The latest article blew me away. I have not seen anyone doing it all together like that. And the other voices around this are also powerful. We love you folks and ya'll give us hope down here to stay alive and keep fighting in Georgia.

And you can't print a flyer on hopeful thinking. Since we did not have a big chunk to give, we can help out monthly with $25. It's a great idea for anyone that would like to drop a chunk but can't afford it. In fact, for lower income folks it's easier to part with a smaller monthly amount. 

From a longtime supporter:

I'm donating $250 because the world as it is today is a horror.  There is the ongoing global climate emergency which is only getting worse and the people who run this system have no plans to make it better and save the planet and humanity.  Just this week, over 170 people died in climate change driven floods in Germany and Belgium. Wildfires spin out of control in areas of western U.S. and Canada. Millions of refugees are driven from their homes by climate change driven famines, economic crises, wars, etc due to the workings of the capitalist-imperialist system we live under.  COVID 19 is now out of control worldwide and millions and millions of people face unnecessary death and suffering in the global South due to lack of vaccine access which has been hoarded by the wealthier countries. In the US, the death toll from the delta variant of COVID is on an upswing again, due to anti-science, anti-vaxxer lies, promoted mainly by the Republican fascists/Adolf Trump. 

It does not have to be this way.  The rulers of this system are not all powerful.  They are fighting amongst themselves rather openly, ie the January 6, 2021 attempted coup by Trump. This gives revolutionaries and the people a crucial opening to work for revolution and to bring into being, a system that works in the interests of humanity and the planet, instead of destroying it. This is why I'm donating and why I'm supporting the Revolution Tour and I invite you to do so too.

From a sustainer in Baltimore:

There are a lot of people who feel that they are alone and cut off from the world. Trust me I know how it feels. And like you, we both dream of an oppression-free world. But we think what can be done here in my town? The answer is plenty. Do you know a place where you can pass out flyers on a regular basis? Are there stores or shops where you can leave literature? Do you want to write letters to the editor or speak at open mics? Can you donate to the Get Organized For An Actual Revolution Tour on a sustained basis? Just imagine the profound effect your donation would have if that could enable young and the young at hearted revolutionaries were to have the abilities to criss-cross this country getting the word out about the real chance of having a no-nonsense revolution and gathering the people to make this revolution possible! Think about it.

Can you have a RNL [The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show] viewing party? Can you have a house party? Let’s not talk about what we cannot do. Let’s talk about what we can do! Let’s put the notion into motion! We do not have much time. I know I can’t squander my time thinking I am alone. There are folks like you all over the world. Let’s get busy!

From retired physician and educator:

For years I have been donating, and will continue to contribute as long as I can, to the National Revolution Tour—because I want and need to be a part of truly making the world a better place for humanity.

To me that means NOT just trying to help people survive, or to get a better shake, within this poisonous system that thrives in and requires racism, patriarchy and misogyny, and xenophobia as it steals, for private individual gain, the fruits of laboring masses around the world, permanently wrecking the environment along the way. Can’t we, as a species, do better than that?!

Think about it. I mean really think about it—what is really needed to truly make the world a better place for humanity?  How do we avoid wasting our time, energy, and money in dead-end, phony, or band-aid solutions?  Especially with fascism increasing its hold worldwide, we can’t afford to settle for anything less than a real revolution to fundamentally change the entire system, and revolutionary leadership to navigate the road ahead.

I have learned (through studying his works, reading Revolution newspaper/website, and watching the RNL Show) that the Revolutionary Communist Party under the leadership of Bob Avakian (BA), is the ONLY organized force that has the appropriate sweeping vision of the society-without-oppression that we must and can create, along with the scientific methodology and strategy necessary to build that socialist society—starting with fighting the power, transforming the people, and building the organized forces to successfully make an actual revolution. Why would we put our time, energy, or money anywhere else?!

The groundbreaking work of BA in building the synthesis of the New Communism, the Constitution for a new Socialist Republic in North America, his many talks, focus groups, and writings (including the recent “This is a Rare Time When Revolution Becomes Possible—Why That is So, and How to Seize on This Rare Opportunity”) clearly point the direction forward! Let us join forces and work together.

Donor giving $500 a month for next 3 months posted Facebook comments:

The beauty of humanity and all living things stands in stark contrast to the life we are in. Caused by capitalism, and it’s gonna take a grasp of reality, the whys and wherefore, that only a communist analysis can deliver. Imagine if there were no revcoms, we would be lost in the wilderness, fighting each other over meaningless beliefs, as many still are. Support and strengthen this revolutionary theory and program as if our lives depended on, because they do. I will donate $500 a month for the next three months.

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