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For The Emancipation Of Humanity


To everyone who can’t stand this world the way it is… who is sick and tired of so many people being treated as less than human… everyone who hungers for a world without oppression, exploitation, poverty, and destruction of the environment... everyone who has the heart to fight for something that is really worth fighting for: YOU need to be part of this revolution.”

—“We Are the Revcoms”

Stop Genocidal Persecution, Mass Incarceration, Police Brutality and Murder of Black and Brown People!
Stop The Patriarchal Degradation, Dehumanization, and Subjugation of All Women Everywhere, and All Oppression Based on Gender or Sexual Orientation!
Stop Wars of Empire, Armies of Occupation, and Crimes Against Humanity!
Stop The Demonization, Criminalization and Deportations of Immigrants and the Militarization of the Border!
Stop Capitalism-Imperialism from Destroying Our Planet!

This system of capitalism-imperialism is the source of all the outrages and madness that people are subjected to, here and all over the world—and it is long past time it be swept off the face of the Earth.

Revolution is even more possible in the time we live in now because those who have ruled this country are deeply divided in a way they have not been since the Civil War in the 1860s, while society is ripping apart in ways that can no longer be covered over or held together. 

We Face Two Futures: Something Terrible, OR Something Truly Emancipating.

Which future we get depends to a great extent on what we do.

To seize this time, throughout society (and with the eyes on the whole country) we are organizing:

THE REVCOM CORPS For The Emancipation Of Humanity

We are united around two principles:

1. Humanity Needs Revolution and The New Communism brought forward by Bob Avakian (BA)

2. Fight the Power, and Transform the People for Revolution

We live by, spread, and fight for the Points of Attention for the Revolution.

REVOLUTION is NOT small changes that leave this system in place and in power. 

REAL revolution means defeating the violent enforcers of this monstrous system; abolishing this system, with all its oppressive institutions, and its governing U.S. Constitution; and establishing a far better system, based on the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, written by Bob Avakian—bringing into being a society, and ultimately a world, free from all forms of slavery, all exploitation and oppression based on class, race, sex, and gender, all relations in which one part of humanity is subordinated to and dominated by others.

COMMUNISM, the New Communism, has been brought forward by Bob Avakian, (BA), a completely different leader who is heart and soul, hardcore serious about a revolution where people can get all-the-way free. He further developed, and applied, communism as a scientific understanding of the need and possibility for this truly emancipating revolution.

  • You begin working to spread this revolution while learning
  • You learn to work together with people just like you, and people who are nothing like you but that they share the common cause of getting humanity free. 
  • You get training and grounding in a scientific understanding of what this is all for (The Emancipation of Humanity), and the strategic approach to revolution, as you advance as a revolutionary leader
  • You can have the powerful impact that you can’t have alone—as part of a growing, organized, disciplined, bold and fearless force influencing and attracting thousands more to become fighters for revolution and go on to lead millions to actually make revolution, IN THE TIME WE LIVE IN NOW!
RNL Show #183: The Revcom Corps


Noche Diaz announces: 
For The Emancipation of Humanity
RNL Show #183: The Revcom Corps


Noche Diaz announces: 
For The Emancipation of Humanity

You have camped out on university grounds demanding divestment and an overall end to the U.S.-Israeli war and have struck a real blow for a better world. You have defied slanders, suspensions, arrests and outright brutality to stand up against the U.S.-Israel genocidal war against, and oppression of, the Palestinian people. 

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Points of Attention for the Revolution 

Live By and Fight for the Points of Attention, The Code of the Revolution!

1. We base ourselves on and strive to represent the highest interests of humanity: revolution and communism. We do not tolerate using the revolution for personal gain.

2. We fight for a world where ALL the chains are broken. Women, men, and differently gendered people are equals and comrades. We do not tolerate physically or verbally abusing women or treating them as sexual objects, nor do we tolerate insults or “jokes” about people’s gender or sexual orientation.

3. We fight for a world without borders, and for equality among different peoples, cultures and languages. We do not tolerate insults, “jokes” or derogatory names about a person’s race, nationality, or language.

4. We stand with the most oppressed and never lose sight of their potential to emancipate humanity—nor of our responsibility to lead them to do that. We work to win people of all backgrounds to take part in the revolution, and do not tolerate revenge among the people.

5. We search for and fight for the truth no matter how unpopular, even as we listen to and learn from the observations, insights and criticisms of others.

6. We are going for an actual overthrow of this system and a whole better way beyond the destructive, vicious conflicts of today between the people. Because we are serious, at this stage we do not initiate violence and we oppose all violence against the people and among the people.

Members of LA Revolution Club march on 30th anniversary of LA rebellion.


WE ARE THE REVCOMS (revolutionary communists)


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Contact the Revcom Corps

(323) 671-9839
2716 S. Vermont Ave Unit 8
Los Angeles, CA 90007


(312) 804-9121
1857 E. 71st Street
Chicago, IL 60649

(917) 969-2146