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Sunday Discussions at Revolution Books, 3-5PM

Every Sunday 3-5 pm

Discussions Every Sunday, 3-5pm at Revolution Books on the Work of Bob Avakian

Join followers of Bob Avakian and others in-person to watch and wrestle with Bob Avakian’s answers to some of the most crucial questions humanity faces at this moment.

Check social media for upcoming topics or call 212-691-3345.

Past topics:
*From The Bob Avakian Interviews (link): “This is your mission: to put revolution on the map in 2023.” What does that mean?  How can we do this?  Why is revolution more possible now?

*From The Bob Avakian Interviews (link): Why 'Sex Work' Is Not 'Agency' But Degradation and Nightmare”

*From 2012 Bob Avakian film: Revolution, Nothing Less!: "Capitalism & Patriarchy - You Can't End One Without Ending the Other!" But We CAN END BOTH. Come get into why and how.

Volunteers needed!

Contact us at or DM on social media to find out about regular gatherings for new and ongoing volunteers.

Screenshot Bob Avakian Interview