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Special RNL Show: "WOKE” LUNACY VS. REAL REVOLUTION, Featuring Sunsara Taylor's Speech

Friday, May 26th, 5 p.m.

Join us at Revolution Books to watch the premiere together. 

Across the country, Republi-fascists are banning books, slamming back LGBT people, and snatching away women’s rights to control their own bodies… while trigger happy white supremacists, Christian fascist, MAGA mobs get ready for civil war to wipe out all those they hate.

On college campuses across the country, sexual assault, depression, anxiety, and suicide are at all time highs.

In Black and brown neighborhoods, the police act like an occupying army, murdering more people than ever last year… while Biden declares “Fund the police!”

On the southern border, desperate asylum seekers are robbed, hunted, or burned alive, dying by the thousands in the desert, while Democrats double-down on Trump’s immigration policy.

Around the world, this capitalist-imperialist system is pushing humanity to the brink of climate catastrophe and world war 3 between the U.S. and Russia and China.

In the face of all this people (and especially students!) need to wake up, stand up, and seek out real solutions. But “woke” identity politics—which gets more unhinged from reality by the day—stands as a major obstacle to that. While the fascist lunacy poses by far the greater danger, this “woke” idiocy does incalculable damage and ends up actually helping the fascists.

“Wokeness” and cancel culture pose as the answer to this system’s injustice, to white supremacy and gender oppression. But this is a FRAUD! Sunsara Taylor will rip the veil off this whole framework, showing how it evades, misdirects, and does great harm to the struggle that is urgently needed. She will dissect its theoretical premises and bring first hand experience, as a leader in the fight for abortion rights, of its toxic effects.

Sunsara Taylor, who bases herself on the new communism developed by Bob Avakian, will speak about why this capitalist-imperialist system must be overthrown in order to uproot and abolish all forms of oppression, why “inclusion” and “safe spaces” within this system are NOT the answer, and why YOU need to be part of this revolution.


Masses of people are being brutalized and savaged, the world is burning (literally as well as figuratively) and you are preoccupied with changing the faces of those who preside over these horrors, and spitting on people if they don’t use nouns and pronouns that you approve of, or in some other way violate the constantly mutating standards of “wokeness.”

–Bob Avakian

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Woke Lunacy vs Real Revolution flyer about online streaming of Sunsara Taylor talk