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Why Capitalist Programs & Bourgeois Aspirations Can Never Free Black People! And Why A Real Revolution Can!

Sunday, February 11, 3:00pm

"We need our own Rockefeller."

"Building up Black businesses and banks is the way for Black people to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps."

"We can make this system work for us."


BULLSHIT. These capitalist programs will do nothing to end the subjugation of Black people built into the framework of capitalist America from the plantations and slave chasers, through lynch mob terror down to today’s police terror and mass incarceration.

But this savage oppression can be ended — by a real revolution. And today it is especially poisonous for Black people to get sucked into bourgeois aspirations of getting in on modern-day slavery, because the fierce infighting between the fascist Republicans and the war criminal Democrats is ripping apart the normal way society functions and making revolution more possible. When the slave-masters are fighting each other, the slaves have a chance to break through for liberation!

If the idea of ending the hell brought down on Black people and ending the way so many people are treated as less than human resonates with you, join us at Revolution Books this Sunday, February 11, at 3PM to hear and get into why and how this revolution is more possible in THIS time and how YOU need to get with it.

$5-10 donation at the door requested for most events; no one turned away.
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Events at Revolution Books are co-sponsored by the Revolution Books Educational Fund, a 501c3 tax-deductible organization.

Carl Dix and Jamel Mims