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Raymond Lotta: "The BIG Problem With Netflix 3 Body Problem:  Anti-Communist Distortion and Fatalism In a World That Cries Out for the New Communist Revolution"

Sunday, April 14, 2024, 3:00pm

Raymond Lotta Opens Up High-Stakes Debate...

The BIG Problem With Netflix 3 Body Problem: 
Anti-Communist Distortion and Fatalism In a World That Cries Out for the New Communist Revolution

Raymond Lotta is cracking open great debate about the past and future of communist revolution, and the future of humanity. He's opening people's eyes to the new communism—a whole new framework for human emancipation—developed by  the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian. And challenging people, especially students, to step into the revolution to change everything. 

A State of Emergency...A World That Cries out for Revolution
Look, we're facing a state of emergency. Genocide in Gaza...women stripped of the right to abortion...the climate crisis careening towards catastrophe...the growing danger of world war. Capitalism-imperialism is the cause of this—with the US the #1 oppressor and plunderer in the world. 

BUT there IS a way out of this horror: a liberatory revolution guided by the new communism. And this revolution is not only more urgently needed but also more possible--with the rulers at each others' throats and society being torn apart.

But when you hear that word “communism,” you immediately start thinking: “isn't communism long dead,” a “utopian project turned nightmare,” a system of “mass control,” “mass conformity,” and “senseless violence”? Well, this is the self-serving bullshit—based on distortions and lies--drilled into people's heads by THIS nightmare of a system. Coming from its “experts” and ideologues...through its media and highly promoted memoirs...warning you that you cannot get beyond capitalism...that if you try, it'll be a disaster. 

This anti-communist brainwash seeps into every pore of intellectual, political, and cultural life. Keeping you ideologically locked into this system, in ways you're not even aware of...

On Sunday, April 14, Raymond will get into the Netflix science-fiction series 3 Body Problem--which has been attracting millions of viewers around the world. 3 Body Problem spreads vicious misrepresentations and lies about the Cultural Revolution led by Mao Zedong from 1966-76. It would have you believe that the Cultural Revolution was an orgy of persecution casting society into chaos and darkness. 

But because of the work done by Bob Avakian--and how he has unsparingly interrogated the experience of  revolution in the 20th century--we can scientifically understand the momentous, liberatory breakthroughs of the Cultural Revolution...but also the problems and shortcomings, some quite serious. 

--What were the actual aims and methods of the Cultural Revolution?
--How was science conducted during the Cultural Revolution? And the approach to the environment?
--What about the intellectuals and cultural work? 

Raymond will get into how the new communism enables us to go much further and do much better, in making a qualitatively more emancipating revolution in today's world. A core feature of the new communism is the importance in socialist society of intellectual and cultural and scientific ferment—and the protection and promotion of dissent, way beyond anything that has existed in this society...indeed on a scale unseen in human history. In the framework of a society moving to end all exploitation and oppression. 

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE ABOUT THIS, even if you haven't watched 3 Body Problem? Because this is about the future of humanity and the planet... and the revolution to emancipate humanity and protect the planet. 

Be part of building for this important program. Learn more. Be there on April 14!

For more info: 212.691.3345            @revbooksnyc

Raymond Lotta is an advocate for the new communism of Bob Avakian. Raymond is a political economist, and a spokesperson for Revolution Books in Harlem. He has written widely on the Russian and Chinese revolutions, imperialist globalization, and principles of socialist sustainable development. 

Raymond Lotta spoke at an emergency program at Revolution Books in New York City on December 14, 2023.