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ACTUALLY?...REVOLUTION IS POSSIBLE! And If This Revolution Isn't Made Soon, Humanity Is Thoroughly F*cked!

Thursday, April 18th, 6pm

A talk by Sunsara Taylor at Revolution Books, 2444 Durant Ave. Berkeley CA 94704

The world is being radically changed. What you do – or fail to do – can make all the difference.

Genocide in Gaza – backed by Biden and the entire US ruling class. Global climate destruction. The right to abortion wiped out. LGBTQ rights under fire. Democrats and Republi-fascists compete over who can more viciously repress and deport immigrants. Trigger-happy white supremacists, Christian fascists, and MAGA mobs get ready for civil war to wipe out all those they hate if Trump is convicted or denied the election. None of this can be solved by voting. The problem is much deeper. All these horrors are rooted in the system of capitalism-imperialism. They cannot be reformed away.

The revolutionary leader, Bob Avakian put it straight up: “We can no longer afford to allow these imperialists to continue to dominate the world and determine the destiny of humanity. And it is a scientific fact that humanity does not have to live this way.” follow @bobavakianofficial

Only a real revolution – the actual overthrow of the entire system of capitalism-imperialism – can bring about a future fit for humanity. Yes, revolutions – especially in a country like the U.S. – are very hard and rare, but things are coming together in THESE times in a way that makes revolution more possible.

Sunsara Taylor will make the case:

* Do we really need a revolution with all it entails?

* What will replace this system?

* Why do the sharpest divisions in this country since the Civil War of the 1860s make revolution more possible now than it has been in generations?

* What is YOUR ROLE in the fight for a liberating future for all of humanity?

Sunsara Taylor is a fighter for a real revolution based on the new communism developed by Bob Avakian. She co-hosts The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show. She co-founded Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights which led tens of thousands into the streets against the overturning of Roe v Wade. In 2023, she spoke to 125 people at UCLA on “Woke Lunacy vs. Real Revolution.” Read Sunsara Taylor's January 2024 Open Letter at 

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Contact the Revcom Corps SF Bay Area at @revcomcorps_bay  510-244-3336

Sunsara Taylor points while speaking, "Woke Lunacy vs Real Revolution" talk at UCLA, May 25, 2023.

Photo: PSimagery