$50,000 Raised to Support the National Tour To Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution!

The need is great and getting greater! Keep raising funds! Keep Spreading the Word!


The need is great and getting greater!  Fundraising to keep the Tour going strong needs to be an ongoing part of building a movement for revolution nationally!

The National Tour to Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution is on the ground and on the internet working to transform the entire political situation—in every corner of society—bringing forward the organized forces for revolution and changing what people see as necessary, possible and worth fighting for. Now anchored in Los Angeles, volunteers have come from across the country to dedicate themselves full time to this mission, including producing and airing the weekly RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show. To make any of this possible requires your financial support... and support from all those who want to see a better world.

Go everywhere to raise funds: directly asking everyone you know and working with people who want to see a better world to organize fundraising projects: yard sales, bake sales, fundraising gatherings. Go everywhere—to farmer’s markets, festivals, protests—to sell the “Forced Motherhood=Female Enslavement” T-shirts that capture the stakes of what we face. Organize gatherings (remote or in person) to watch The RNL Show—an excellent way for people to learn about the revolution and why it needs to be supported and spread.  Ask people to donate and to help develop plans to reach others to spread the word and raise more funds. Watch and spread the April 24 Livestream where over $20,000 was raised.  

Let’s Keep on Supporting and Funding the Revolution Tour! 

Watch and spread the April 24 Livestream where over $20,000 was raised.

National Fundraising Livestream:
Repolarization, And Bringing Forward A Revolutionary People

Thank you to those who have already given and been part of raising funds. Here are just a few of the statements from those who have donated:

Voices and Ideas from Those Who Have Donated

*Letter from the Bay Area 

[slightly edited for publication]

On Sunday, June 5th, we [women from an immigrant domestic worker organization and the Revolution Club] successfully organized a picnic fundraiser for the Revolution Tour at Dolores Park in the Mission District of San Francisco. Some of the immigrant women had supported the Tour in the past. 16 people participated, 11 of whom were immigrants.
A woman (a retired social worker) came who is active in the Unitarian Church actions. Some women donated water that couldn’t participate. Other women that were part of the picnic brought food for tostadas, cookies and donations. We started the program with poetry presented by an immigrant woman who read a poem about “malcreadas” (rebellious females) and another poem about immigrants. Sierra from the Revolution Club presented the 5 Stops, but through the lens of the great divisions there are in society and government, including the huge cracks and openings for revolution and the possibility for something emancipating. One woman from the immigrant rights organization said that she was there because she needs to be a part of the struggle to fight for our rights. Some of the young teenagers got green bandanas to support the fight for abortion rights.

We raised $202 dollars for the Revolution Tour, which was a success, and we also got people together despite it having rained that morning.

Everyone got copies of A Declaration, A Call To Get Organized Now For A Real Revolution and Break ALL the Chains!—Bob Avakian on the Emancipation of Women and the Communist Revolution.

Translation of a statement given at the June 5 picnic:

Thank you for all the energy and thought that you are putting into your fight for a better world; it is a critical moment and you are warning a lot about what is happening and most of us are not attentive to where this country and the world is going. There are steps being taken towards the consolidation of a fascist country and if we don’t act it may be too late. Please do not let the revolutionary flame that drives you to the fight go out; keep going, I send you my respect and a hug of solidarity.

An immigrant woman

*Over $1,000 Raised Selling “Forced Motherhood Is Female Enslavement” T-shirts

“I’m so glad you have that on your shirt. I’ve been thinking about this for years. That’s really true!” A woman in her 70s said as she bought a “Forced Motherhood Is Female Enslavement” T-shirt.

We are writing to share our recent experiences in selling the "Forced Motherhood is Female Enslavement” T-shirts as a fundraiser for the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour.

Our team has raised over $1000 for the Tour, mainly since the draft decision was leaked, by selling T-shirts. We’ve been actively displaying and selling shirts at farmers’ markets, at the Women’s March rally on May 14, which RiseUp 4 Abortion Rights united with, and at RiseUp 4 Abortion Rights rallies and marches. Read more

*Statement with $50 donation:  

The reason I am donating $50.00 to the Revolution Tour is because I am outraged and saddened at the state that the world is in. Humanity is crying out for real change and I believe the Revolution Tour represents the best force in the world today that I believe can make the real revolution that is so badly needed.

I am outraged about the war in the Ukraine, the war on women while the Supreme Court is trying to ban abortion in this country, the global climate crisis, war on immigrants, the crisis in Yemen. The list goes on. The capitalist system we all live under is causing great suffering for people all over the world and can cause humanity to perish. It is because of this system that we are all facing the possibility of Nuclear war!

The RevComs are down for the Real Revolution and represent the best interests of humanity. It is really worthwhile for people to check out Bob Avakian and the New Communism. We deserve a better world and a better world is possible! That is why I am donating $50 and I hope other people give generously too. One of my favorite slogans is “Stop Thinking Like Americans! Start Thinking About Humanity!”

–A supporter

*Note with $110 donation:

What is the reality facing humanity/planet? Revolution or extinction? This system only offers up fascism, extinction, etc., while revolution offers humanity the chance to live sustainably and as emancipators of all humanity. Support revcom.us.

*Statement from a physicist giving $1,000:

I am a physicist and a public interest scientist who has been for decades working on nuclear war, climatic catastrophe, and alternative energy issues. I am donating $1,000 to support the RNL Show and the May First demonstrations. The capitalist ruling classes of the three capitalist-imperialist super-powers are in a struggle to destroy each other economically, and if necessary, militarily. And in the process they don’t care if they destroy the human race by nuclear war or climate catastrophe. We must rise up in the millions for a revolution to eliminate this money worshiping, demented capitalist system before they destroy us, and their stupid, greed-blinded selves along with us. Of immediate importance are massive uprisings to stop the U.S. proxy-military, and economic assault on Russia. Along with this uprising, we must attack the rise of Fascists; American, Ukrainian, and all other world fascists; with their assaults on science, fact, logic, women, minorities, immigrants, non-Christians, and all others who are not rabid Aryans.