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You are supporting someone (Joe Biden) who started his campaign for president by bragging about his history of finding common ground with white supremacist southern segregationists and saying this was proof he could “bring the country together!” 

White supremacy and white supremacist violence has become more blatant with Trump, but this has always been part of this system—and in fact it is built into this system.  That is why, as I have pointed out, despite the false hopes people had with Barack Obama as “the first Black president” (and Joe Biden as vice president):

In reality, while perhaps more Black faces were found in high places, and while some Black cultural figures were courted by the Obamas, the situation for the masses of Black people—including the hundreds murdered by police each year and the overall police terror directed against Black people and other oppressed people—did not change for the better during the Obama presidency.*

So it is with this system, and so it will be as long as this system remains in power and in effect. Putting an end to this can never be done by getting behind someone like Joe Biden, who for a long time has been a big-time representative and functionary of this criminal system and now wants to become the criminal-in-chief.


* “Bargains With the Devil—Trump Fascism, ‘Obamanation,’ and the System They Serve.”  This article is available at [back]