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BOB AVAKIAN The vision, the Works, the Leadership for a New Stage of Communist Revolution

Phony Communism Is Dead... Long Live Real Communism

Phony Communism is Dead


Phony Communism Is Dead... Long Live Real Communism

(2nd Edition, RCP Publications, 2004)

A bold and challenging book that cuts right to the debate of our times. Is capitalism the best of all possible worlds? Avakian contrasts the brutal realities of the free market to the claims of its defenders. Has communism proven to be a disastrous nightmare?

Avakian refutes the charges that socialist economies are unworkable and that communism suppresses individuality and freedom. But he probes deeper, into the real history and lessons of revolution, especially the Maoist Cultural Revolution. Can revolutions survive in a hostile world? How can they avoid going sour? And is it really possible to move society beyond private gain and money relations? Bob Avakian shows that communism is both visionary and practical. If you want to know what real communism is about, and if you wonder whether society has to be run as a dog-eat-dog enterprise, then you will find this book as timely as it is provocative.


ISBN-10: 0898511224 | ISBN-13: 978-0898511222
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Format: Paperback
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