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From @BobAvakianOfficial:

Bob Avakian Answers 
“Well, What Is Israel Supposed to Do, What Is the Legitimate Way to Fight Against the State of Israel and What Is a Just Solution?”

This is Bob Avakian (BA), revolutionary leader—bringing forward a whole new way, a whole new framework for human emancipation: the new communism. I’m coming to you straight up, bringing truth the powers-that-be don’t want you to have—truth you need to know…

“Well, what is Israel supposed to do, just let this attack by Hamas go unanswered, encouraging further attacks? What about Israel’s right to defend itself?” That is another argument raised by Israel and its supporters.

The truth is that Israel, like apartheid South Africa before it, is an illegitimate state—and as such, it has no legitimate right to “defend itself”—and its so-called “defense” has repeatedly involved the deliberate killing of civilians, including large numbers of children.

What is Israel supposed to do? Israel is “supposed” to stop brutally oppressing the Palestinian people. But Israel, as a racist, Jewish-supremacist (Zionist) state, cannot do that: it cannot do that, because murderous oppression of the Palestinian people has been built into the state of Israel from the very beginning, and Israel could not exist without brutally oppressing the Palestinian people.

And, since Israel cannot stop brutally oppressing the Palestinian people, Israel—as a racist, Zionist state—must cease to exist.

The real question is: what is the legitimate way to fight against the state of Israel, and what is a just solution to all this?

The answer is definitely not to “kill off all the Jews in Israel” or “drive them into the sea.” The answer is the abolition of the state of Israel, and in its place the creation of a revolutionary state in which the government and the laws do not promote any religion and do not favor one people over another, and instead there is equality between Jews and Palestinians.

The answer is also definitely not the “two-state solution” being promoted by the Biden administration. Such a “two-state solution” would really amount to nothing more than a powerful state of Israel continuing to occupy land stolen from the Palestinian people, while the so-called “Palestinian state” created with this “solution” would be a bitter joke—a puppet state—merely a patchwork of separated small territories, surrounded and dominated by Israel, with the Palestinian people still subjected to terrible oppression and deprivation.

The answer is that the fight against the state of Israel must be waged on a revolutionary basis, with the goal of putting an end to all oppressive relations and all inequality among people based on race and nationality, sex and gender, and all relations in which one part of society exploits others. And the urgent need is for a revolutionary force to emerge to lead the struggle on that basis.

Excerpt from Revolution Number Six