Emergency Fund Drive to Support the Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour and The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show

Organizing the Break ALL the Chains Contingents!
At the October 2 Marches for Abortion Rights.

Unleash the Fury of Women As A Mighty Force For Revolution!

Contribute and Be Part of Raising $15,000

Watch the Special One Hour Livestream that aired Monday, September 27:


  • Venmo: “@RevolutionTour”
  • CashApp: $revtour
  • Send a check or money order,
    payable to RCP Publications,
    memo line: National Revolution Tour.
  • Mail to:
    RCP Publications
    Box 3486, Merchandise Mart
    Chicago, IL 60654-0486
  • Write in to getorganizedforrevolutiontour (at) gmail.com, let us know if you are taking up collections, or to send statements

Download and print leaflet of this call for funds:  PDF 

Recognizing that this Texas abortion ban is a stop-everything-moment, the revcoms are providing urgently needed orientation, understanding and a call to act—in determined resistance against this fascist assault AND getting organized for an actual revolution to overthrow this whole system, in a rare moment when this is possible.

** The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show has been sounding the alarm about why this fascist assault is happening, exposing the larger dynamics it's a part of, the extreme dangers for women and all of society... and even more, the positive potential that can be wrenched out of this extreme situation now for revolution, for the emancipation of women as a part of the emancipation of all humanity. Bringing a diversity of voices about the stakes of this fight, along with a depth of analysis from revcom.us and the revolutionary leader and architect of the new communism, Bob Avakian—this show is speaking to this question like nothing else in the world right now! It needs to be supported and further projected.

** The National Revolution Tour, rooted in and spreading the Declaration and Call to Get Organized for a Real Revolution, is working with Revolution Clubs and others across the country to organize Break ALL the Chains Contingents at the October 2 marches for abortion rights. These contingents are calling for “all those who see the need for uncompromising resistance in the streets against these horrible laws AND who hunger for a whole new world” to come together and plant a determined revolutionary pole.  Now is not a time for one-day symbolic protest. Contribute to the force bringing this urgent and necessary revolutionary message—to these marches and throughout society to build for these marches, and to build for revolution:

No Going Back—No Surrender! Abortion On Demand & Without Apology!

Forced Motherhood Is Female Enslavement!

Christian Fascist Theocrats—Get Your Laws And Vigilantes Off Our Bodies!

Patriarchy And Capitalism: You Can’t End One Without Ending The Other—Revolution, Nothing Less!

Funds are needed for:

** MASSIVE amounts of materials to distribute and spread literature, banners, signs to have a major impact with this revolutionary message, influencing how people broadly understand the stakes of this fight and what's needed

** production costs and promotion of The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show's coverage

** support for the volunteers on the National Revolution Tour who are dedicating themselves tirelessly to the work to organize forces now for a real revolution

Mobilize everyone you know to donate and help raise the funds to meet the $15,000 goal!  

Take this call, along with flyers for the Break ALL the Chains contingents: Unleash the fury of women as a mighty force for revolution! on October 2 wherever people are gathered—farmers' markets, festivals, busy intersections. 

Email it out widely—to professors, medical professionals, lawyers, pastors—and follow up with phone calls. Reach out to everyone who is fed up with the longstanding passivity on this question, who is agonizing about the future and needs to know about this revolutionary message, and how they can support this impacting society. 

Take out big fundraising buckets and signs everywhere you go... starting now and in a major way, at the October 2 marches themselves.

Talk to friends about organizing yard sales, bake sales and other projects to raise funds.

Spread the word through social media and get everyone you know to tune in on

Monday, September 27, 5 pm PDT/8 pm EDT