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by Bob Avakian

This year is the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre in 1921, in which armed mobs of racist white people, including many police, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, slaughtered hundreds of Black people, terrorized thousands, and burned down a thriving Black community, with its churches, hospitals, homes, schools, libraries, and businesses. And this kind of murderous oppression is still going on, in many horrific ways, under the rule of this system—in this country and worldwide.

CASE CLOSED. This system, from the start, and right down to today, is guilty of the most atrocious crimes against humanity.

It will never stop doing this—it can never stop—so long as it is in power and in effect. That is a lesson that we need to firmly grasp—and act on!

The question is not whether this system of capitalism-imperialism needs to go, but how soon it can be swept away by the revolutionary struggle of millions of people who are sickened and outraged by the reality that things like the Tulsa massacre are not some kind of “exception” but the “rule”—a concentration of what this system is all about and how it treats masses of people not only in this country but all over the world.