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Bob Avakian
Responds to a Basic Youth

“Common Sense” Is Often Wrong

A Scientific Approach Shows Revolution Is Possible, Especially In This “Rare Time”

“It’s just common sense that you can’t go up against this system and overthrow it”—so said a basic youth at a high school, in response to the call to get with the revolution.

Yes, that is “common sense.” But “common sense” is often wrong—and it is wrong here too.

“Common sense” is what most people believe at a given time (and what seems to be true on the surface, without digging deeper).

For a long time in human history, it was “common sense”—most people believed—that the earth doesn’t move and it is the sun that moves in relation to the earth, when in reality the earth goes around the sun, making a full trip around the sun in a year’s time.

It was even “common sense” for thousands of years that the earth is flat because, in their daily existence, people didn’t normally experience the “roundness” of the earth. But it is a basic truth, which has been scientifically determined many times over, that the earth is round, not flat.

To understand the truth of things, especially more complicated things, you need to go beyond “common sense.” You don’t just go by “what everybody knows,” which is often wrong. You need to dig beneath the surface, and get scientific knowledge—a scientific understanding of reality.

The same is true about going up against, and overthrowing, this system. “Common sense” says this is impossible, because of how powerful this system is. A scientific approach tells us something different. It reveals the contradictions and potential weaknesses within this system that you do not see just by looking on the surface of things. And, more particularly, it shows the way in which the situation that is developing now, with the deep (and continually deepening) conflicts within the ruling powers and in the country overall, provides the potential to mobilize millions of people for a real revolution, with a real chance to win—to actually defeat, split apart and dismantle the institutions that violently enforce this system—and bring something much better into being.

This situation—a rare opportunity to actually make revolution, and bring a whole different and much better world into being—is something we cannot afford to squander, to waste and throw away. We have to get busy working with all the heart we have and the scientific knowledge we can gain, to make this revolution a reality. And we have to keep on winning more and more people to become actively involved in doing this.

I get into all this more deeply in the 3 Interviews I have done recently on the YouTube RNL (Revolution, Nothing Less!) Show.

If you want to get a fuller understanding of how this is for realand especially if you want to be part of making this revolution real—get into these interviews... help to spread them everywhere... join up with the revcoms who are working every day for this revolution... contribute in meaningful ways to this revolution while you continue to learn more about it and contribute even more.