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The Bob Avakian Interviews, Part 1:

Subtitles in Spanish
The Bob Avakian Interviews, Part 2:

Subtitles in Spanish
The Bob Avakian Interviews, Part 3:

Subtitles in Spanish
Bob Avakian Interview RNL Show - desktop version


A Rare Appearance on The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show
Now Available: Farsi Subtitles in Part 1 and Part 2 of the Interview >>
Bob Avakian Interview RNL Show - desktop version


A Rare Appearance on The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show

The Bob Avakian Interviews, Part 1

Subtitles in Spanish.

The Bob Avakian Interviews, Part 2

Subtitles in Spanish.

The Bob Avakian Interviews, Part 3

Subtitles in Spanish.
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In these Interviews, Bob Avakian, BA, grapples with the most excruciating questions that humanity faces today with sharpness and scientific method, with creativity, with humor and, yes, even with song. He doesn’t flinch from the horrors that humanity faces. But he also shows how we could transform this terrible looming future through revolution—people in their millions rising up to put an end to this system of capitalism-imperialism.

Watch these Interviews.  Then think about the difference it will make—in these times where the future hangs in the balance—if this vision is stirring things up all over society. Share them with others. Become part of a movement of all different kinds of people who really want to get these Interviews watched and discussed very broadly. 

On this page, you will find the ways to join with others to dig into these interviews and spread their impact throughout society.


Stir up debate... provoke controversy... drive people to watch The Bob Avakian Interviews from The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show. Print out these posters and saturate the hell out of a couple neighborhoods, a campus or school. Get them wherever you can so they are unignorable. Print them in color, black and white, big or small. The QR code will take people right to The BA Interviews.



SPREAD THE WORD! The scope of what BA concerns himself with and conveys in these interviews is radically different than how most people are currently thinking. Yet, what he brings is hope in a time of darkness and revolutionary direction for a future worthy of humanity, at a time when the future hangs in the balance. Millions need to see this. Click here to be part of spreading the word to family, friends, and far beyond.

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Andy Zee on The Bob Avakian Interviews


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Break Out of the Trap!
An excerpt from The RNL Show Interviews with Bob Avakian

Bob Avakian on Biden, Putin & Xi Jinping: Imperialist Gangsters and the Need for Revolution!
An excerpt from The RNL Show Interviews with Bob Avakian

"Did you always have this view of America?"
An excerpt from The RNL Show Interviews with Bob Avakian


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Andy Zee in Conversation with Jazz Musician Arturo O’Farrill
From a Health Care Practitioner
...The symptoms, poverty, violence, oppression... may be signs of the problem but no successful practitioner in any field of scientific endeavor confuses symptoms with root of the problems.

May we look to a practitioner who speaks to the cause of our problem and not our symptoms, only.....
Statement from Oakland lawyer on The Interview
What I liked most about the interview with Bob Avakian was the warmth, humor, and directness of the real human being. Not the incisive philosopher and revolutionary—though he is marvelously both—but this person, with a past, with passions, with flaws, with modesty. I was not in the presence of a “god-man”; I did see a fully human man: his revolutionary challenge is, for me, made all the more powerful. Watching the interview also sparked my memory of having appeared as a lawyer in Spurgeon Avakian’s courtroom. I have gained greatly from both son and father.

Steven Rood


From Shekib Mosadeq, revolutionary internationalist artist from Afghanistan:

Farsi Version of this Statement

Bob Avakian is someone who doesn't let people's attention get diverted from the widespread and continual crimes of capitalist system. He scientifically shows that an oppressor in any shape or form—whether it is of the Islamic Republic rulers or the Taliban or the US, the Russian or the Chinese imperialists—the shape doesn't matter. They're all products of the capitalist system.
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Physician's 5 for $500 letter

A few weeks ago, inspired by the new interviews, "Up Close and Personal With Bob Avakian, Heart and Soul & Hard-Core For Revolution,"... I made a donation and called on others to match that donation....Over the past few weeks, the show and the website have told of ways people have come together with determination to raise funds and strengthen a movement on a mission to put revolution on the map....

In this spirit, I want to make an additional $500 challenge donation, and call on five other people to donate $500 dollars (we could call it a 500x5), focusing this challenge on people who have the resources to make this kind of gift to the struggle, and who can see, watching the interviews and this livestream today, that THIS is where those funds should go!
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From Dr. Reynaldo F. Macías, faculty member and founding Chair of the UCLA César E. Chávez Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies:

I am donating because the work that Bob Avakian and the revcoms are doing in scientifically analyzing our current oppressive conditions is important and needs to be put center stage of discussions about what is happening in this country and this world. Too much of what is provided by commercial media and traditional or patriotic institutions, including schools, is more a matter of covering up government misdeeds and oppressions than they are about clarifying them and being part of a solution to improve them. Bob Avakian, and revcom, have proved to be clear eyed in doing a lot of that good work, it needs to be widely disseminated, debated and discussed.

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Bob Avakian (BA) is the most important political thinker
and leader in the world today.

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Bob Avakian