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Climate Devastation... Nuclear War Threatened...
The Direct Danger of All Out Fascism...
Times Like These Demand A Revolutionary Answer.

Los Angeles screening of BA Interview


On The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show


A Message to the Revcoms and Everyone Else Yearning for a Better World: 
THIS Is A “Game-Changer:” The Bob Avakian Interviews, in four parts >>
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Optional Spanish subtitles are available. Also available here with Farsi subtitles.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

In these Interviews, Bob Avakian, BA, grapples with the most excruciating questions that humanity faces today with sharpness and scientific method, with creativity, with humor and, yes, even with song. He doesn’t flinch from the horrors that humanity faces. But he also shows how we could transform this terrible looming future through revolution—people in their millions rising up to put an end to this system of capitalism-imperialism.

Watch these Interviews.  Then think about the difference it will make—in these times where the future hangs in the balance—if this vision is stirring things up all over society. Share them with others. Become part of a movement of all different kinds of people who really want to get these Interviews watched and discussed very broadly. 

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SPREAD THE WORD! The scope of what BA concerns himself with and conveys in these interviews is radically different than how most people are currently thinking. Yet, what he brings is hope in a time of darkness and revolutionary direction for a future worthy of humanity, at a time when the future hangs in the balance. Millions need to see this. Click here to be part of spreading the word to family, friends, and far beyond.

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Break Out of the Trap!
An excerpt from The RNL Show Interviews with Bob Avakian

Bob Avakian on Biden, Putin & Xi Jinping: Imperialist Gangsters and the Need for Revolution!
An excerpt from The RNL Show Interviews with Bob Avakian

"Did you always have this view of America?"
An excerpt from The RNL Show Interviews with Bob Avakian


These videos were made Fall 2023, but remain important to watch and share. 

Somayeh Kargar, ex political prisoner
Video in Farsi. Read the English translation here (translation by revcom volunteers).

Musician and composer Arturo O'Farrill

Historian Paul Street

Writer Coco Das

Filmmaker David Zeiger

Response from People in Chicago to The Bob Avakian Interviews

“Bob Avakian: a leader for whom a better world is not just a dream, but doable…”
Andy Zee, host of The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show


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The Bob Avakian Interviews at the Barbershops
“He doesn’t sugarcoat anything, does he?!”
.... One experience to share:
Three of us walked into a barbershop and made a short basic announcement about who we are and what time it is. We said as the new year dawns, the choices are not between MAGA fascist Trump or Genocide Joe Biden, the choices are between this system of capitalism and the revolution we need to overthrow this system. And we talked briefly about how things are coming to a head, with the whole future on the line.
Everyone was surprised at this rare disruption, but the two barbers were obviously feeling what we were saying. As part of our announcement, we played a 30-second clip from the BA Interviews, and held up a tablet so people could see BA—they stopped cutting hair to listen. Then we asked them—the people in their chairs, and those waiting for their next cuts—what they thought....

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From a Political Psychology Graduate Student at NYU
BA presents a case that thoroughly highlights the shortcomings of the current system and offers concrete solutions for its improvement. As a young person seeking alternatives to the capitalist and imperialist system, I often was unsatisfied with the solutions presented by Democrats and self-identified communist thinkers. In contrast, BA provides a scientific pathway forward, drawing valuable lessons from both past mistakes and successes.
From Melvin Ishmael Johnson
Writer—DramaStage Qumran, veterans theatre workshop
Bob Avakian is one of the most important and advanced thinkers of our time. My old mentors taught me about people—they said, when you watch a person that you’ve first met… does their message change?  Watch Bob Avakian through the decades: he’s talking about the fall of the capitalist system and putting something new and different in its place for all of humanity.  And then the courage of Bob Avakian.  When others are afraid to speak up.  It takes courage to do what Bob Avakian is doing, and to say what he is saying, speaking the truth about what has happened and what needs to happen.

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From a 72 year old sustainer, 55 of which I have joined the social justice and anti war struggles
Why am I sustaining contributor to the RCP Publications, Revcoms, and the RNL show? 1st. I agree that we need a revolution in order to bring about an end to the system of capitalism/imperialism. 2nd. Required is a scientific approach and analysis and what BA calls, “working boldly and tirelessly for the necessary political repolarization in society as a whole”—the focus of this is to bring forward an all the way revolution to emancipate all humanity and take care of the planet. The system now is polarized by elite, ruling class domination of commodities and relations with hegemonic domination, war, and manipulation. An end to this system and repolarization directed toward ecosocialism with a Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America would systematically nurture the biosphere and pave the way toward the emancipation of all humanity.

Andy Zee in Conversation with Jazz Musician Arturo O’Farrill

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Bob Avakian (BA) is the most important political thinker
and leader in the world today.

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Bob Avakian