A Call for Volunteers to Join with Revolution Books:
At a Time of Great Danger and Revolutionary Possibility...
Be Part of Something Truly Emancipating

If you can’t stand this world the way it is... if you are sick and tired of so many people being treated as less than human, from the street corners in Harlem to the deadly borders criss-crossing the globe, to the degradation and slamming back of women and LGBTQ people... if you are outraged by how this system is destroying the planet... if you appreciate the stories and aspirations that fill the shelves here, the science, true history and poetry, and you want to see humanity truly flourish... then YOU need to be part of RevBooks... and learn more and raise your questions as you contribute.


Revolution Books is a beacon for a whole new world—inspired and guided by the work and leadership of Bob Avakian, the most important political thinker and leader on the planet today.


This is a rare time when revolution becomes more possible...and Revolution Books has a special role to play. You can't make revolution at just any time, but now is different. The rulers of this country are more divided than at any time since the start of the Civil War. RB is rising to the challenge, and contributing to bringing forward a revolutionary people to seize on the potential for a radically different future.

DIscussion continues after a program at Revolution Books, NYC


Join in making RB an even more powerful pole of attraction for all those searching to understand why the world is so messed up... and how, by making an actual revolution, a far better world really IS possible—without the horrors of global exploitation, racism and patriarchy, or the dog-eat-dog competition that pits us against each other.

Join in making RB an even more powerful pole of debate where students, youth, academics, professionals, street philosophers and everyday people are provoked and challenged to get into urgent questions like: Can you reform this system to solve problems like police brutality, or do you have to get rid of it? Is America a force for good in the world, or the world's greatest oppressor? Is “wokeness” for different “identities” the consciousness we need, or a scientific, revolutionary understanding and leadership that proceeds from the interests of world humanity?

Be part of the spirited discussion and debate to impact all of society... and the atmosphere where the search for the truth meets the poetic spirit... where the whole world comes first.

The beating heart of RB is the work and leadership of Bob Avakian. He has developed the vision, strategy, and plan for a revolution to overthrow this system, and create a society and world in which human beings can fully breathe and the imagination can soar. At RB you discover and can engage with the new communism, authored by Bob Avakian, a whole new framework for human emancipation. At RB people can connect with the revolution to change everything! And precisely because BA is taking responsibility to chart and lead this revolution...he is looked to and loved by people yearning for a whole new world, and reviled and slandered by those who want a “progressive” niche in this one.

AN INVITATION: The Next 8 Weeks

Contribute your thinking, skills, resources and creative energy to taking Revolution Books out into the world: opening up debate on campuses and in the neighborhoods, growing financial support for RevBooks. We are aiming to influence and transform people's thinking to become part of the revolution for a radically different society and world—engaging with the books, the programming, and each other.  

Through the whole process, the RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show will be at the center of how we wrestle together to understand developments in the world, why a revolution is necessary, what kind of a revolution is needed, and how a radically different society would be organized. You can start here.

Events and Activities That Make a Difference for Knowing and Changing the World... for Getting the Message of Revolution Out There... for Strengthening Revolution Books

September 17-18 Special Used Book Sale to Support Revolution Books

Books, informal discussion, and video about WTF is going in the world and what a real revolution is about. Kicking off a year-end effort to raise funds for this “beacon for a whole new world.”

Revolution Books NYC Used Book Sale


September 18-24, Banned Books Week   

Revolution Books is promoting books that have been targeted by fascists, books under assault for telling the truth about the racist history of this country and opening minds about differently-gendered people. Bringing forward the importance of the battle to defend these books and waging this battle as part of making revolution.

September 21: A Gathering of Internationalist Solidarity with Iran's Political Prisoners

That morning the President of the barbaric Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) addresses the UN. He will be met with protests. At 4 pm, Revolution Books will host a special program—highlighting the fight to free Iran's political prisoners, the courageous struggle of women to cast off theocratic controls on their humanity.

No to U.S. Imperialism, No to the Hated Iranian Regime, Another World IS Possible

Iranian Political Prisoners


September 28 and September 30.
The Brooklyn Book Festival Comes to Revolution Books!

Revolution Books is hosting two in-store “Bookend” events. On Wednesday the 28th, the authors of two debut novels dealing with dislocation, immigration, and love. On Friday, the 30th, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Caroline Elkins and her book about violence and the British empire... the blood and bones on which “liberal civilization” rests.

Brooklyn Book Festival Logo 2022


On Sunday, Oct 2, RevBooks goes to downtown Brooklyn with our tent at the Book Festival

RevBooks' booth joins thousands of book-lovers, thinkers, authors and other vendors in the largest book festival in the northeast.

Revolution Books NYC at Brooklyn Book Festival


What Better Time to Volunteer at Revolution Books
Humanity Needs Revolution, The Revolution Needs Revolution Books, and Revolution Books Needs You

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The revolutionary leader Bob Avakian (BA) has analyzed that this is one of those rare times when revolution and getting to a whole different world becomes more possible—and revcom.us plays a crucial role in preparing the ground for revolution.

This is the only website that shines a light on the deeper reality behind what people confront and connects people with the revolutionary alternative; it is the only website that features the work and leadership of BA.

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